Todd Thistledown and the Shard of a God

Todd Thistledown-WillowWinter LockStockBarrel HatchetHandle Fliptrick IceGrinder Mousebreeder The Firetouched XIV was an engineer on the small Pirate Airship, The Hungry Wind. The Captain, Larkus Snow had stopped in the city of New Veritas to resupply and perhaps have some excitement at the Festival of the White Pheonix which was scheduled to happen in a week. Other members of the crew were the quiet warforged soldier they had picked up named Steeple, a thief from Clan Fleetwind named Kyth Seif, a Marjani sniper-shaman named Nadeshka and the mysterious navigator known as Zera Set.

The ship had recently managed to capture a particularly unusual artifact, a small magic coin from before the Reckoning. With possible roots in the Kingmaker period. Word got out that the Captain had the coin sewn into his breast-pocket and little surprise that the next morning he was found dead in his tiny inn-room.

Todd, Zera, Steeple and Kyth found the body and were deeply worried. Notably their Captain was killed in a most unusual fashion, with a small stab-wound and a great deal of blood-loss. Eventually Zera and Kyth used her Clan Fleetwind contacts to track down the maker of the weapon while Todd and Steeple went to alert the rest of the crew on the ship.

They were greeted with an ambush. A trap had been laid, The rest of the crew was killed and the elemental engine that powered their ship was modified to release an angry fire elemental upon the docks. Thinking quickly Todd and Steeple fought off their attackers and cut the line to the ship. The airship fell to the land below, taking the fire elemental with it, (As well as all of Zera’s books.)

Zera was not best pleased by this turn of events. Kyth was found slightly amused.

Eventually they tracked the assassination to the Sunshadow Guild, an organization thought to be extinct. They found a remnant agent of the guild hiding in a Scarab King temple beneath the city. In addition to foiling a Scarab King Ritual to revive Kobun the Scalebreaker (saving the Duke’s bastard daughter) they managed to weed out the Scarab King cultists and uncover a strange monstrous spirit residing deep within the city’s underground.

After a dangerous battle Zera Set consumed the spirit, absorbing the energy into himself.

This required some explanation.

Zera Set, as it turns out was actually one of the shards of Sarcodion, the defeated God of Death. The remaining scattered pieces of the deity were spread across the world, some of them fully sentient like Zera, and others were simply deadly shadows of Sarcodion’s will, lashing out at innocents. Zera asked the crew to help him reclaim his shattered pieces so that he may become whole again.

Todd just wanted a new airship.

Incidentally they had also saved one of the King’s Engineers, who offered to help them. After some difficult dealings with the Whistlerum Family Todd got his wish. Gaining a new Sky Knife class airship, dubbed the Red Wanderer, he decided to trek out on his own as a freelance adventurer, inviting the rest of the group to join him on his quest to make a name for himself.

Steeple and Zera accepted, while Nadeshka chose to return to the Pirate Armada, and Kyth went on to pursue her own agenda. For a time Zera gave the group coordinates to track down the remaining shards of Sarcodion, while Steeple tracked the movements of a rogue Warforged agent known only as Orior Six.

The trio eventually made it to the City of Glass where they met Cyrus Harribel, Captain of the Night Watch in the city, and were suddenly conscripted into a quest to defeat a rogue element attempting to destabilize the world. The element called itself “The Man with the Molten Horns”

Meanwhile, a massive schism among the Warforged sent a huge migration of machine men across the desert towards Port DuVois. Orior Six was said to be hidden among the migrating force. Steeple stepped up to investigate, demanding the crew head towards Port DuVois. Zera added his own voice to the notion, noting that he had sensed other shards in that region.

The party eventually found themselves embroiled in the DuVois politics. Meeting notables such as James Lucien and Nikolai Gandling. They managed to root out Orior Six from his terrorist activities within the city and send him retreating to the north. Cyrus eventually found a lead from a mysterious Drow swordsman. The Drow sent the party on a quest to the Underdark to recover an ancient book.

Their quest yielded two things, 1. The book, a strange tome detailing the history of Rhodyle, and 2. a Drow Hexblade/Tomehunter named Ladwyn, who needed a good thesis project.

Zera and Ladwyn set to work on translating the book and the Man with the Molten Horns had apparently conspired with an organization known as the Voice of Rhodyle, a secret cult led by Xenin, a shard of Sarcodion, like Zera, but with plots of his own.

The party trekked North to Goron’s Scar, where they battled numerous fire elementals and the Spirit of Ixis. Eventually finding themselves in the presence of an ancient and powerful Silver Dragon known as Silenis. During a battle between the crew of the Red Wanderer and Orior Six, Reed Whistlerum and Xenin, who was another shard of Sarcodion bent on reviving Rhodyle.

Silenis had been chained up underneath the earth for centuries and had gone quite mad.

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Todd Thistledown and the Shard of a God

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