Port DuVois

The Free City of Port DuVois is a young and burgeoning metropolis, whose meteoric rise to prominence caught the eye, (and ire) of many of the more established powers on the plain. The city state boasts a small but effective military force, impressive educational facilities and a staggeringly charming leader; Hegemon Lucien DuVois.

The citizenry of Port DuVois, while rapidly diversifying, is still largely made up of freed slaves, Maquin expatriates and the families of Archeologist Guild members under the employ of the Hegemon. The city sports tall walls of iron and stone which glisten white in the daylight sun, and are translucent from the inside. The skies are streaked with passing airships, most notably the huge capital ship the Open Fist.

Life in the city is a hectic mix of demanding work (necessitated by the city’s frantic expansion) and a ferocious appreciation of leisure time (as provided by the plethora of spas, restaurants and taverns which dot the municipality). The people of the city are particularly content, bolstered by the routine progress presentations given in public spaces by the Hegemon.

The city’s initial fees were paid for out of pocket by its founders, the city’s depositories are now filled by its tourist industry, fine goods exchange, and newly announced (and highly anticipated) Free City Trading Company. Merchants and travelers can find an increasing number of crafted goods and magic items in The Magpie – the city’s market quarter – but the city’s voracious need for infrastructure means mundane tools and raw materials are often hard to find.

While most of the populous are freedmen, several schools provide educational opportunities for all desirous citizens, and for the gifted, the possibility of continued study at the Axiom (formally the Black Citadel); a monolithic black tower whose ominous presence dominated the area’s skyline. Other professional opportunities include fishing, cooking, scribing, mech piloting and crewing ships.

Port DuVois borders and interests are protected by the Rook Legions; an army of mechanized suits of armor. These soldiers and the supremely powerful air force make up The Zeitgeist, the city’s military force. It is no secret that it is by the power of these troops that The Free City has not already been ransacked and pillaged by one of its many economic rivals. Supplementing this force are multitudes of still-arriving former Maquin military personnel emigrating from Titangrad.

Among all of the major power on the continent, no one had been able to dislodge the economic and military superiority of the Maquin (save The City of Glass, who’s GDP was divided between two often conflicted rulers). The establishment of the Free City Trading company finally threatened this dominance, and the already tenuous peace between the Maquin and Port DuVois eventually devolved into open war. One cloudy winter morning the ironclad warships of the machine men appeared from the shadowfell, and laid siege to the gleaming white city. Through decisive action from the Zeitgeist, The Free City was saved from ruin, but this affront was taken personally by the Hegemon.

What followed was a series of hit and run strikes on critical merchant routes and trade-ship hangers used by the Maquin. Combined with rapid growth and popularity of The Free City Trading Company, Port DuVois rose to become an economic superpower. After almost a year of gradual defamation and a severe market acquisition campaign, the Hegemon and his allies led a direct attack on Titangrad, the capital of the Maquin. Their strike was a great success, and the war came to a swift end.

More recently, the Zeitgeist darkened the skies of Jaff, moving in full force for the first time. About a day after they had erupted from the city’s military district, the Scarab King lay dead beneath miles of molten rock.

Port du vois map

Port DuVois

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