The magic bow of Ethan Fletch

weapon (ranged)

Enhancement: +3 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +3d6 damage

Power (Daily • Poison): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with this weapon. The target is immobilized and weakened until the end of your next turn.


“Illth: the reverse of wealth in the sense of ‘well-being’: Ill-being. The bow of Ethan Fletch, said to bring folly and fairness in equal measure”
Karsus Flint, Half-Elf Mercenary"

There is nothing immediately notable about this bow. It’s neither flashy nor particularly rough looking. But on closer inspection the bow is incredibly cared for. The wood in particular is quite fine and well oiled. The string is taut and never needs replacing, it’s as though someone took the idea of a bow and made it solid, as though a bowyer, who has made one thousand bows over the course of his life takes every lesson he ever learned of wood and string and crafted the definition of his occupation into something that’ll shoot a pointy stick into someone.

This is the bow of Ethan Fletch, Ranger of the West. It is everything he was, determined, simple, and unlucky.

Ethan Fletch is an obscure figure in stories, a folk hero who’s tales are usually songs of determination through strife and trickery. His bow carries the same stories, it’s wielders are oft-tricked, killed, or brought low by folly.

Though the bow will often bring misfortune to it’s wielder, it is also a mark of distinction, Illth will never accept a user who is evil, and in fact will serve diligently to help all those around the user, their family and friends.


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