Falen's Cloak of Convenience

A clever cloak with clever pockets for clever adventurers.


There are two conflicting tales of this magical artifact.

Thought to either have been crafted by the Arcanist Malocles Falin for the Adventurer Faelin Kell in repayment for some great deed, or possibly to have been accidentally created by Faelin Kell himself when he was mending his cloak with some string he had stolen from Malocles’ workshop.

Regardless the Cloak has a very unique and powerful magic woven into it.
The cloak has two pockets, a large one and a small one. The large pocket contains any number of strange things, from swords and arrows, to things that could not reasonably fit in a pocket like a boat or a ladder, while the small pocket contains trinkets, a child’s toy, a fresh-cut flower, a perfect-fitting brass ring. Regardless of whatever is drawn from the pocket it will always be useful to the user in some usually immediate fashion. However only one pocket can be drawn from in a single day. The large pocket will usually have the greatest functional utility, while the small pocket seems largely superfluous, though legends tell of Faelin Kell drawing his wedding ring from the small pocket one day, and then immediately meeting his one true love, so perhaps the small trinkets can be useful after all.

Falen's Cloak of Convenience

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