Vargus Wanderhoof


Age: 55

Height: 7’

Weight: 750 lbs

Eyes: Steely gray

Physical description:

Vargus’s fur is a light brown, but is starting to get flecks of gray. He wears reading glasses due to his age, but he is by no means blind. He wears the ceremonial armor of the Captain of the Royal Guard of the Ettin King.


Vargus Wanderhoof is beginning to show his age of 55, but that doesn’t mean that anyone would even think of challenging him to anything, let alone a fight. He grew up in the northern reaches of Fei Dao with his parents, Irgus and Britania, in their cabin in the mountains. When he was 20, he left home looking for adventure. He eventually joined up with Damian Delthrax and various other adventurers and had a grand ol’ time for many years.

Along the way, he traveled the Wild Seas and on the island of Shantauran, he found Sheana Lightfeather, and from that encounter, Vargus Ironheart was born. He left before Sheana knew she was pregnant and shortly after, he joined the Royal Guard of the Ettin King and quickly worked his way up to the position of Captain of the Guard. Wanderhoof did not know about his son until Ironheart found him at the age of 13 when he came into the palace of the Ettin King looking for him. Wanderhoof was overjoyed to learn that he had a son, especially one so strong and well-raised. He was sad to hear of Sheana’s death, but to make up for not being there during his childhood, he took Ironheart under his wing and began teaching him everything he knew.

Damien Delthrax sent his son Daniel to train with Wanderhoof as well, and after some years of training the boys, Wanderhoof thought they were ready to head out on their own. He gave Ironheart some equipment and sent him off. He has since remained the Captain of the Royal Guard at the Ettin King’s palace, and it does not look like that is going to change anytime soon.

Vargus Wanderhoof

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