Nathaniel and Elaine Skystrike

Arcane Thieves, grandparents of Daniel Delthrax


Hair color: White
Eyes: Gray
Clothing: Long, flowing red robes with the same lightning cloud design as Sonya’s on the back.
Hairstyle: His hair sticks up, as if he’d been cartoonishly electrocuted. He has a long mustache and beard. The mustache extends to the sides of his face, twisting, looking like small, white tornados.
He wears dark sunglasses with small, circular lenses.


Hair color: Dark gray.
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Robes similar to Sonya, but yellow and green instead of red and gold.
Hairstyle: Her hair is done up in a tight bun.


Personal History
“Haboob is sad.”
-Haboob after the Also Haboob’s Also Caper

Nathaniel Eric Delthrax and Elaine Lucinda Skystrike are the current heads of the Skystrike Mages, parents of the late Sonya Oberon Delthrax and thus the grandparents of Daniel Nathaniel Delthrax, whose middle name comes from the Skystrike tradition of giving the first grandchild of a generation the grandfather’s middle name.

During their youth, Nathaniel and Elaine committed many acts of thievery with the other Skystrike Mages, often planning out jobs on their own. It was, in fact, Elaine’s idea to rob the restaurant Also Haboob’s Also and Nathaniel who planned it out. The incident, which came to be known as the great Also Haboob’s Also Caper, is the reason the Skystrike Mages became an impressive name in underground circles. It is also the first mission in which Nathaniel and Elaine allowed their eldest daughter Sonya to participate.

Thanks to their success, Nathaniel and Elaine were named heads of the Skystrike Mages. They no longer personally carry out heists, but Nathaniel still plans and Elaine still coordinates. Though the Skystrike Mages are travelers, Nathaniel and Elaine live in the family headquarters, a nice mansion in the City of Glass. Elaine’s hobbies include knitting and cooking and Nathaniel’s include fishing and shoplifting.

Family Relations
“I think that Delthrax boy is fond of you.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Whenever you two scuffle, he always narrowly avoids hitting your vitals.”
“Don’t be stupid, dad.”

-Nathaniel Skystrike and his daughter Sonya after an encounter with Damian Delthrax

“Grampa and Gramma are seriously awesome. Careful, though. Grampa might take your wallet when he hugs you.”
-Daniel Delthrax

Nathaniel and Elaine have three children: the late Sonya, the elder daughter, and the fraternal twins Edward and Erica, ten years younger. Though they are often in contact with their parents, Erica and Edward long ago ceased thievery and have taken up world travel aboard their ship, the Double Prism. They are, however, allied with the Pirate Armada. Erica is engaged to an Archaeologist Guild member named Cecil, of whom Edward and Elaine do not approve. Nathaniel thinks he’s rather friendly, though he is not above playing practical jokes on him.

Though both very loving to Sonya as she was growing up, they disagreed on a few things. For example, Elaine was against Nathaniel’s decision to bring their daughter on the Also Haboob’s Also caper and insisted that he was always bringing her into too dangerous situations. He has never let her forget that they succeeded.

Despite the fact that the Skystrike Mages and the Pirate Armada clashed so often, Nathaniel and Elaine were fine with Damian and Sonya’s courtship and very much approved of their marriage. They both like Damian a lot, as if he were their own son. Even after their daughter’s death, they visited Damian quite frequently.

Nathaniel and Elaine are the people who are most kind to their grandson, Dan. Whenever they see him, Elaine makes his favorite food (fried chicken) and Nathaniel gives him some of his shoplifted goods and/or money. When Dan was little, he couldn’t pronounce, “Nathaniel,” so instead he would say, “Grampa Nate-Nate,” a nickname that he eventually abandoned. Nathaniel in turn called him, “Little Dan-Dan,” a nickname that he still uses.

Nathaniel and Elaine Skystrike

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