Ken the Keen

Mentor of Daniel Delthrax, friendly monk with a fondness for liquor, women, and kicking lots of ass


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 150 pounds
Build: Scrawny but muscular, though it is difficult to tell because of his clothing
Hair color: Black
Eyecolor: Brown
Clothing: Loose-fitting silk shirt and pants, both navy blue. Clubs are sometimes hidden within the sleeves.
Hair style: short, but well maintained.


“You? Strike me? Very well then. Come. Be humbled by my fist.”
-Ken the Keen

Ken is the son of a family which has traditionally serviced their monastic order for countless generations. Taking after his father, Ken also became a monk, and while he is not especially passionate about it, he enjoys his work and is rather enthusiastic about it.

During a trip to Fei Dao, Ken met a nine-year-old Daniel Delthrax, who had been training there alongside Vargus Ironheart when Dan called one of his sermons boring. Ken suggested that if he found them so boring, he should not attend. Dan responded that as Ken was the only one who did not look down upon him for being “smallfolk,” Dan felt safer around him. Reluctantly, Ken let the boy continue to attend.

One night, as Dan was walking the streets of Fei Dao, he spotted Ken just outside a bar being accosted by three Ogre thugs who were telling Ken to give them his money. Dan called out to Ken, causing the thugs to grab Dan and threaten to kill him if Ken did not obey them. Ken immediately handed over his money pouch and as promised, Dan was released. However, as soon as Dan was safe, an enraged Ken kicked one ruffian in the face, sending him flying away. Dodging as the second swung at him, a club seemed to fly into Ken’s hand from his sleeve and he jabbed at the ogre’s solar plexus, causing him to immediately fall to the floor. The last one, fearing his wellbeing, tried to escape, but Ken blasted him with a wall of ki before he could do so, knocking him out.

Dan, amazed at Ken’s display, asked the once again jovial monk to teach him. Ken initially refused, but after days and days of pestering, Ken agreed to teach the boy on the condition that Dan help Ken with his sermons. Dan agreed and the next day, Ken began training him in the Stone Fist Discipline. As their training continued, Ken allowed Dan to train using safety clubs, telling him that when Dan was ready, Ken would get him his own set.

After Dan’s mother’s death, he returned to Fei Dao to continue his training, but he’d fallen into a deep depression. Trying to help him, Ken decided to teach Dan to calm his mind with meditation, something Dan was not very skilled at. To aid him, Ken gave Dan a Magic Ki-Focus: a ring that would alter its shape to fit Dan’s fingers perfectly, even as he grew older. Partially thanks to that, Dan was eventually able to recover.

On the day before Dan’s thirteenth birthday, Ken gave Dan a present: his very own set of clubs. Though elated, Dan asked why Ken wouldn’t wait to give them to Dan on his birthday. Ken replied that his time in Fei Dao was over and that he would be departing that day. Apologizing for missing Dan’s birthday but telling him that they’d meet again, Ken left Fei Dao to continue his travels.

Indeed they did meet again, over three years later, in a bar. As the two shared their drinks and caught up with each other, Ken smiled at the fact that Dan had continued his training. Ken rewarded him with a scroll containing a scroll detailing all the techniques of the Stone Fist Discipline, each more difficult than the last, for Dan to learn as he got stronger. When the night was over, Ken suggested that though reading and writing were not Dan’s specialty, they should keep up correspondence through the mail and meet up more often.

They met up later when Dan was twenty years old. Dan had just been kicked out of his home by his father and though Ken was sympathetic, he told Dan that he needed to wise up now that he was on his own. Ken also suggested that now that he was solo, Dan should go by “Danthrax.”

Ken is a great master of the Stone Fist discipline, specializing in clubs and unarmed combat. A favorite move of his is to take random objects such as chair legs and wine bottles and wield them as clubs. He carries a ki-focused object, his sterling silver liquor flask. Occasionally, Dan challenges him to a friendly sparring match, but Ken always turns him down, telling him he is not yet ready.

Ken travels the world, giving sermons of his monastic order, though often he just speaks of simple life lessons. Such sermons, along with his wit, earned him the nickname “Ken the Keen.”

Ken often spends his time in the City of Glass. Whenever he returns from a journey, he enjoys a large meal at Haboob’s.

Ken the Keen

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