“Just as Flanned.” ~Erasmus Dyrvom

List of tropes present in the campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons
Sky Pirates
The Sky is an Ocean
Doomed Hometown
Lampshade Hanging
You Didn’t Ask

Main Characters

Nasser Hammad

Master Swordsman
Our Vampires are Different
Generation Xerox
Face Heel Turn → Scarab King
Heel Face Turn → side of Good
The Atoner Due to the aforementioned Turns
Walking the Earth led to his learning The Name of Swords
Cool Sword The Hunger

Erasmus Dyrvom

Sherlock Scan
Badass Grandpa
Defeat Means Friendship
Batman Gambit
The Chessmaster
Immune to Fate
Omniscient Hero
No One Could Survive That

James Lucien

Guile Hero
Young Conqueror

Nikolai Gandling

Nikolai Gandling

Daniel Delthrax

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass No one personifies this better than Dan.
Took a Level in Badass and Character Development He started out as a bumbling, dick-hitting fool with a cannon-overloaded ship and became a formidable fighter and pretty cunning captain of a pretty snazzy aircraft.
I Know Kung Fu “By the way, did I mention I can fly?!
Heroes Prefer Swords Subverted in that Dan prefers clubs and fists, but played straight in that he was duped into using some shitty swords first off because they looked rad.
Handsome Lech At least in the beginning. Changed to a Chivalrous Pervert later on.
The Captain of the Righteous Thunder.
Warrior Monk Subverted. While Dan was trained in monastic tradition, he is far more on the warrior side.
Ki Attacks Steel Wind.
Generation Xerox Dan is a less scruffy, blue-eyed Damian.
Noodle Incident That thing he and Vargus did that one time.
Precision-Guided Boomerang Danarangs!
Why Did It Have To Be Hobgoblin Penis? Daniel Delthrax can face undead hordes and dragons, Warforged juggernauts, balor lords and his own undead father without fear, but if he even sees some Hobgobknob…
Badass Normal Dan is arguably this, as he is the only non-magical pure human on the team.
Heroic BSOD Dan has one of these upon witnessing his father transformed into a Death Knight.
Heroic Resolve “Daniel Delthrax yields to no one!
Well Done, Son Guy Dan really, really wanted Damian to be this.

Nadeshka Marjani

The Archer – Obvious really
Heroes Want Red-Heads – Seeing as how Nadeshka was wanted at some point or another by Dan, Ignis, and Gerrah…it’s only fair
Nature Spirits – Uses them in combat
The Druid – multi-classed
Elemental Powers
Cloud Cuckoo Lander – Nadeshka spends most of her time with her head in the clouds and rarely comes out
Kitsune – semi based on this
Badass Family – The whole Marjani Clan
Guys Smash, Girls Shoot
Lady of War – became one over the course of the story
The Chief’s Daughter – Her mother is the Leader of the Marjani clan
Retired Badass – Possibly what happens after she starts a family of her own
Back from the Dead – gains this power after a year of hard work and study
Character Development – goes from being a shy doormat to standing up for herself and referring to Dan by his first name. Also grows to be more aggressive with Dan’s influence


Pyro Maniac
Playing with Fire
Kill it with Fire
Incendiary Exponent

Vargus Ironheart

Beast Man – Technically, cause he’s a Minotaur, but he’s not a lycanthrope.

Neutral Good – pretty much straight forwards.

Technical Pacifist – Vargus would prefer to talk things out and find a peaceful solution, but he won’t shy away from a fight if need be or if someone’s hurt someone.

Determinator – It’s REALLY hard to get Vargus to stop doing anything, especially fightin.

Stout Strength – He might look a bit pudgy at appx. 300 lbs and 7’ 10", but pretty much all of that is muscle or scar tissue. Plus, would you rather have a six-pack or a keg?

Gentle Giant – See above for giant, but he’s super gentle. He was even able to put up with a 13-year-old dragon who was the extraordinarily spoiled daughter of a long-dead dragon emperor.

Ancestral Weapon – Vargus has his family’s ancient shield, the Wall of the Wanderhoof, as well as Fatherhand, the oldest blade in existance.

Attack! Attack! Attack!NOTHING stops Vargus, not a sword to the chest, not save end effects, not even dropping to 0 hit points.

An Axe to Grind – Axes. Axes axes axes. That’s all Vargus uses, all he wants to use.

Luckily My Shield will Protect Me – Vargus is nothing without his shield. Axe and shield might be a weird combo to most, but would you expect anything less from a minotaur fighter?


Fire-Forged Friends – Applies to Dan, who was Vargus’s childhood nemesis until they survived a test gone bad during training.

Bash Brothers – Applies to pretty much the entire party; Vargus fights in tandem to anyone near him, and sometimes directs the group’s strategy.

Vitriolic Best Buds – Vargus and Dan. Dan and Vargus. Dargus. Van. Inseperable from childhood, Vargus tells people that he’s with Dan because he promised to make sure he didn’t kill himself, and who knows what Dan says about Vargus, but in reality, they couldn’t leave each other if they tried.

Nakama – The crew of the Righteous Thunder. So close, so loyal, that Vargus stayed on the crew even when he was named the inheritor of Chiroth’s legacy and power, Dan stayed on after reforming the Pirate Armada (twice), Ignis stayed on after creating a new Beastman Nation by himself, Nadeshka stayed on after resurrecting her entire family, and Taigus stayed on after he saw that shiny thing that one time.

Band of Brothers – See above, but take in to consideration the shit that they’ve all been through.

Taigus Gladwell

Catch Phrase “You’re not my college, I went to mom!

Zera Set

Todd Thistledown-WillowWinter LockStockBarrel HatchetHandle Fliptrick IceGrinder Mousebreeder The Firetouched XIV

Overly Long Name Good lord.





The Scarab King

Evil Overlord Emperor of Undeath
A God am I He won.
God is Evil Well, NOW.
I am Legion He’s a swarm.
Omnicidal Maniac see: The Scarab Reckoning
Mummy at one point.
Big Bad See Pazuzu


Dracolich After his deal with the Scarab King
The Dragon To the Scarab King until recently.


Xanatos Gambit Exactly.
More than Mind Control
True Final Boss Scarab King who?
Deal with the Devil Say it three times.
Ensemble Darkhorse He’s very popular.
The Man Behind The Man Pazuzu is behind him.
Affably Evil He’s really a very nice guy.
Evil is Stylish


Archaica Skyserpent Erasmus