The Sons of Maquin

“Hearts of Stone and Steel, Minds of Iron and Fire. Together we serve the Ironfather, together we seek the truth.”
~High Prophet Loku of the Clockwork Court

The Sons of Maquin are the Machine Man Empire that rules the southern peninsula, their great city established atop the ruins of Titangrad. Since freeing themselves from The Archaeologist Guild they have become one of the worlds greatest superpowers.

The Maquin Capital city is Titangrad, located among the ruins of the old Giant Empire. The city is set on a massive series of interlocking gears which are used for public transportation. The gears intersect and rotate at regular intervals allowing for efficient travel, depending on the time of day. The Machine Men have good relations with the Wild Seas and have a fair amount of trade among the coastlines.

Recently Maquin himself, the Machine Man hero has returned from the grave to save the city from a massive invasion. He was granted a strangely lukewarm welcome, dissension among the Clockwork Court and questions about the nature of his return caused about a third of their military might and a large chunk of their populace to abdicate their city and migrate to the Free City of Port Duvois.

The Sons of Maquin

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