“When Sarcodion fell the world changed. On that day we learned that gods could die, I think, on that day we began to realize… perhaps we’re closer to the gods than we think.”
~Koh the Historian

Long ago, before the Cataclysm there were many gods, and their names were known across the
land. However the god that governed Life and Death was slain by the entity known as the Scarab King. The Scarab King harvested the Divine Spark from the old God of death and himself rose to godhood. Leading a campaign against the other deities and the material plane, his advance was only halted by the sudden advent of the Cataclysm. Since then divine power is manifested through many new conduits, be they young gods, old deities under new names, powerful ideals, or harvested vestige powers.

The Church of the Walkers

The most common church is currently a rather ambiguous collection known as the Church of the
Walkers. Led by four aspects, The Knight, The Watcher, The Gambler and The Traveler, they rule over almost all aspects of life. Their clerics and worshipers walk all paths and they go by many names. Traditionally people have begun embracing the generic term “The Walkers” for the disparate gods, as most races have some form of these four major deities in their cultures.

The Church of Trisovin

A monotheistic religion focused on independence and freedom, Very libertarian and believing in an
abstract individual high-god of which all other “Deities” are merely servants. The Church of Trisovin has a strong following amongst the Cloud Kingdoms. Their clerics are friendly and welcoming, believing that everyone follows the path of Trisovin, if unknowingly.

The Temple of Jodai

God of Nature and Life, he was once a Mortal who rose to cosmic power hundreds of years ago. After the Cataclysm he became much more powerful, controlling the power of Life itself, He works in close concert with the four elemental lords. He is the most commonly worshiped god of Primal characters.

The Elemental Lords

Infyrnus, Typhonus, Serraquinn and Kormag; Gods of Fire, Air, Water and Earth respectively. They each lend their power to the Material Plane and control an elemental energy plane themselves. The four gods are united by the Mobius Pact, which prevents any one elemental faction from dabbling into the business of any other, maintaining the stable power balance among the four by cosmically twisting circumstance and coincidence to nullify the disruptive elemental’s actions. They are the most commonly worshiped deities among the beastmen.

Abbas Hammad

The newest God in the world. In life considered one of the greatest swordsmen in the world. Given divine power by the heroes Nasser and Erasmus, Hammad is a powerful god of Leadership, Combat and Magic. Giants, orcs and Beastmen can be counted among his worshippers as well as a fair number of human soldiers and warriors. His Ascension was very recent but his religion has spread quickly, giving his church a fair amount of sway over world events. He is the patron god of Vampires and his primary tenants involve judicious use of power and restraint.

Old Gods

Along with these there are still those who worship the lost or dead gods of the previous generations, such as Sarcodion, the former god of Death, who favored balance and law,Vagnir, the former god of War who favored righteous and gainful conflict, Eko, the former god of knowledge and magic and others. It is believed that the Walkers were born from the defeat of these gods.

The Scarab King

The NEW Dead God of Death, little is known about him aside from his sparking of the Scarab Reckoning which is believed to have led to the Cataclysm. Cults are relatively commonplace and there are even a few legitimate temples here and there. He has recently been thrown in a volcano after being cosmically poisoned. The cults are still around but now seem a bit crazier and are more of a nuisance than an actual threat.


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