“Skin or Fur, Scale or Stone
Blood of Fire, Flesh and Bone
Changeling, Changeling, what’s your name?
Pick one quick, we’re all the same.”
~Traditional Children’s Rhyme

The Scarab Reckoning and subsequent cataclysm have radically altered the racial landscape of the world. With many of the formerly powerful races and cultures having been devastated or reformed.


Humans were once the most powerful race on the surface world and have since been chased into the far reaches. They’ve since begun a recent resurgence comprising a large portion of The Archaeologist Guild. Humans who aren’t allied with the guild are mostly nomadic, otherwise have sought refuge among other races.

Halflings, Gnomes and Goblinoids are fairly rare in this day and age, most of them work among the Archeologist Guild’s ranks. There are a number of them in the The Cloud Kingdoms and the Whistlerum trading clan has rose to significant prominence over the last few decades.

Dwarves were one of the races who made the largest efforts to save others from the Cataclysm and are responsible for many of the magical and technological innovations that drive the current societies. They are present in the Cloud Kingdoms and the Archeologist Guild.

Hobgoblins have been reduced to a few scattered Mercenary Clans up north. They travel around in Ironclad ship formations as soldiers for hire.

Orcs are nearly extinct having been mostly wiped out during the Scarab Reckoning. Though there are a number of scattered Half-Orcs among the Archeologist Guild true Orcs are few and far between.


The Silver Elves, Also known as Eladrin or El’shraga, are aristocratic and very deeply magical. They tend to create large ostentatious magical designs and focus heavily on swiftness in all of their endeavors. They and their brethren can primarily be found in the city of New Veritas

The Iron Elves, Also known as High Elves or El’Devlyn, Iron Elves are militaristic and very organized. They favor strength of arms and are incredibly skilled in the arts of combat. They once shared an allegiance with Hobgoblins and have integrated much of their technology. Iron Elves tend to dabble in the infernal arts and many Tieflings and warlocks are in their military.

Stone Elves Also known as Drow or El’Muut. These elves were once a slave caste and have since liberated themselves and established massive kingdoms in the Underdark. They are a technologically advanced race, with incredibly complex politics, divided among the six houses of The Val’Dune


Dragonborn are a relatively young race that achieved prominence after the Cataclysm, most of them tend to be in some way tied to either the Azure Syndicate or the Archeologist Guild. Dragonborn are common and tend to work their way around as merceneries

Lizardfolk, Kobolds, and Bullywugs have many small tribes scattered throughout the southern swamps. Though they formerly held a massive empire they have since been broken up into smaller groups. They currently pay fealty to the Serpent Lord.

Serpentkin are a generalized collective of Yuan-Ti and Medusa that also occupy the southern swamplands. They have since taken a large amount of territory and are led by an ancient and enigmatic Medusa King who is purported to have survived the cataclysm.

The Giantkind

Most giants serve The Ettin King and have conquered the majority of the Northern Continent.

Ogres, Cyclops, Trolls, Goliaths and Oni comprise the majority of the Giantkind nation. Forming several tribes and city-states among the northern mountains. The Ettin King has begun training many of them in the arts of Arcane Magic.

Giants and Titans of the various elemental forms are very rare but are still revered in the northern lands. With a few small clans protected by The Ettin King. These larger races were almost driven to extinction during the cataclysm and are still recovering their losses.


There are dozens of types of Beastmen including Shifters, Gnolls, Lycanthropes and Minotaurs, each of which is linked to a unique clan that houses particular cultural affinities. The majority of the Beastmen roam the Wild Seas, having found new homes on the open ocean.

See the Beastmen article for further information.

Machine Men

Warforged are mostly united under the The Sons of Maquin. They have become a rather powerful force in the world, possessing a great deal of military might and technological superiority. They are fairly commonplace and they are one of the largest economic superpowers in existence.


Genasi, Wilden and Shardminds are generally rare and mostly present in The City of Glass. Most of them serve the Elemental Lords and are innately in-tuned with the Elemental Chaos.


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