“Your person is of little consequence here, traveller. It is your people who bear the price of your words tonight.”
~The Lunar King of Glass to a Diplomat

The Archaeologist Guild
A massive organization of the united underground races led by adventurers, The Guild follows
something of a corporate model for governing. They have one of the largest power structures in the new world and an incredibly large working force. Their magnum opus: The Archaeologist Wheel, is a massive Wheel city that now travels the world, establishing towns and leaving a large main road in its wake. The Guild is organized and powerful, focusing on efficient deployment and organized squads to restore civilization to the wild lands.

The Sons of Maquin
A clan of Warforged were built by the Guild three decades ago in order to explore the surface and see if it was safe to repopulate. The Machine Men rebelled against their masters, led by a single Warforged named Maquin. Though their leader was killed for daring to revolt, the Sons of Maquin pressed on and soon established a Massive Capital city in the ruins of Titangrad, the former City of the Giants. The Sons are now an economic powerhouse, and one of the most powerful factions in the world.

The Giantkind
Led by the Ettin King, the giants were some of the first to begin retaking the surface world. They control vast territories in the northern continent. They are curiously organized and their Oni lords are incredibly powerful masters of the magical arts. They are the mightiest military force on the plane, very territorial and have recently declared war on the Sons of Maquin. Though Giants are renowned for taking no prisoners, the Ettin King himself is actually quite diplomatic. They are currently based in the Ruins of the Northern Human Kingdom of Fei Dao.

The Scalykind
Lizardfolk, Dragonborn, and Serpentfolk have retaken the southern swamps. They are currently divided into three factions, The Azure Syndicate, led by blue Dragonborn, are the world’s most renowned black market and underground dealmakers. The Servants of the Viridian One, are a large collection of Lizardfolk Tribes serving their Green Dragonborn King. And the Fanged Legion, a large clan of Yuan Ti, Medusas and serpentfolk led by their charismatic Leader an ancient Medusa Swordmaster who survived the Cataclysm.

The Cloud Kingdoms
There are multiple floating islands and cities, varying in size from small towns to massive City-States, all suspended in the air by magic. Ruled by Elves and Dwarves the Sky People’s magical prowess is unmatched. Magic Colleges and airship ports are prominent here. There are many Sky Cities each with their own culture and leadership structure, from the Twin Kings of Veritas to the Empty Senate of Eighth Nimbus.

The Wild Seas
The Beastmen control the oceans. Roving Werewolf Pirates and floating Shifter cities dot the open
waters. They’ve only recently begun interacting with the land-dwellers again. They occasionally speak of new continents and islands they have found. Usually you can go to them for more exotic wares and services.

The Val’Dune
The Underdark is ruled by multiple clans of Stone Elves, colloquially known as Drow. Formerly a slave race, their underground territories were very suddenly populated by the refugee civilizations who retreated from the surface. The Drow soon grew in power until finally they developed their own massive political infrastructure. Most of the cities are closed off from outsiders, dealing only when necessary. They are ruled by powerful Sorcerer Queens and possess strange technology. They are also creepy.

The City of Glass
In the center of a vast desert guarded on all sides by an eternal thunderstorm, The City of Glass was once the battleground for primordials. Now the Genasi use it as the primary Interplanar trading port of the Material Plane. The City of Glass is the single most powerful individual location in the Plane, but it is also a neutral ground from all Divine Conflicts. If you want to find something, be it a magical artifact, or the knowledge of how to kill a god, the City of Glass is the place to go.

Port DuVois
A recently constructed City State with a rapidly growing infrastructure and military. Port DuVois is currently attempting to curry favor with global powers and is doing a rather impressive job of it. Shadowfell adjacent and with a robust economy, this burgeoning city-state is very quickly stealing the spotlight of the world-stage.


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