“Everyone wants to be part of something bigger.”
~Dax Lamont

Major Organizations

The Archaeologist Guild
An Exploration League dedicated to reclaiming the lost history of the continent for themselves.

The Maquin Trading Company
The Sons of Maquin’s primary business interest. They stock airships and weaponry, primarily military stock. They also provide unique metallurgy and mercenary service when necessary. The Maquin often sell their naval services to escort trading ships. This is the center of the Maquin economic engine.

The Teller’s Guild
Tellers are not quite bards, rather they are travelers who make it a point to take note of their journeys, many small towns out of the way in farming fiefdoms and the like would rely utterly on Tellers for news of the world. Tellers served a dual function of being public servants who spread important news, and storytellers to delight the populace. Tellers know many stories, tales of old and histories both and will pay handsomely for one they’ve never heard. There are also plenty of stories and rumors about Tellers themselves, often they will act as humble guides or mentors for great heroes. Regardless of the truth of such stories, Tellers are always welcome everywhere they go.

The Geohawk Mercenaries
Nomadic soldiers-for-hire. Geohawks are lone adventurers who travel around the world performing tasks. Dragon-slaying, Demon-hunting, Caravan guarding. Geohawks have a reputation for being somewhat unsavory but they can always be relied upon to kill what needs killing. A single Geohawk Mercenary is considered the equivalent of an entire adventuring party, and they are often seen wandering dungeons and exploring dangerous territories alone, as opposed to in the more common adventuring groups. Geohawk Mercenaries often have an air of mystery about them, and they are usually given a great deal of respect wherever they go. Their symbol is a silver coin sewn into the back of their gloves.

The Whiteburn Hobgoblin Clan
After the Cataclysm the Whiteburn Hobgoblins retreated to the north and became Ascetics. It’s only recently that they’ve been seen out and about and their clerics are very very rare. They serve as travelling healers and judges, settling disputes and tending the sick. Whiteburn Hobgoblins are easily identified by their White and Red robes.

The Ironbane Hobgoblin Clan
One of the last remaining Hobgoblin clans in existence, the Ironbane Hobgoblins can be counted among thugs, brigands and wandering mercenary crews. The majority of the clan live on ironclad airships, mostly salvaged from early battles with the Maquin and haphazardly upgraded in dangerous ways. Other members can be found working for crime families like the Red Syndicate.

The Whistlerum trading Clan
A prosperous shipping company led by Rembrandt Whistlerum. They have large powerful ships and carry goods all over the world. They have peaceful relations with every nation save the Giants (they’re working on that.) And in general they can be relied upon for goods and services. The Whistlerum clan is also full of young entrepeneurs investing in small businesses all over the world.

The Pirate Armada
Led by Pirate Admiral: Red Leg Khazim, A united force of over thirty pirate crews. The Pirate Armada is a terrifying force that spends its days raiding Maquin and Whistlerum trading vessels, Cloud Kingdoms and the like. The Armada was formed due to the escalation of the Maquin’s Naval power requiring Pirate crews to become more organized if they wanted to continue plying their trade.

The Wanderhoofs
A non-aligned organization founded by Vargus Ironheart of the clan Wanderhoof with the goal of protecting the unprotected and keeping the peace as long as possible in as many places as possible. It is open to any well-intentioned person, no matter their race, affiliation, or past history. They are only required to sever all ties to any specific organization or country and to truly want to serve the greater good.

Underground Organizations
In addition to the many legitimate and widely known organizations there’s also a number of illicit thieves’ guilds and black-market companies that ply their trade in Archaica.


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