“They are invincible, flying elemental engines of catastrophe with brilliant minds and they can spit fire and lightning, I barely see fit to call them mortal.”
~Dax Lamont

“They make this really satisfying ‘thud’ noise when they hit the ground.”
~Nasser Hammad

Notable Dragons

Demon Scale
A Black Dragon and the sister of Mountain Shadow. Demon Scale made numerous infernal pacts and deals which eventually culminated in her victory in the first Dragon Games.

Mountain Shadow
A Black Dragon who nearly conquered the world. He raised an army of giants and waged a devastating campaign against the continent. He was eventually defeated by the united human tribes under Raghnall the Windhammer.

The Singing Prince
Was significant in that he abandoned the Dragon Games in favor of his Elven bride, Tharam Dhi’va. It was these two who would compose an ancient lullaby to lull their children to sleep. This lullaby was recorded by the wife as part of an epic poem that has, hidden within it, secrets of the Dragon Games…

The King of Stars
A Silver Dragon who masqueraded as a Human leader, seizing control over the region’s trade as a skilled merchant and silk-baron. Allying himself with the Northern Mountain Dwarves he established the Coalition Empire of Fei Dao.

The Silver Dragon that is the legendary progenitor of the Marjani clan. His spirit currently inhabits the Bak Ghensin and reaches out to the women of the clan bearing his birthmark on their breast.

Anyang’s shadow, brought to life by a wicked shaman. Zangyin is an ancient and powerful shadow-dragon who serves as the patron for the Dekelede clan.

That Which Bites
A savage white dragon who terrorized the north for years. He was eventually put down by Kobun the Scalebreaker.

A Bronze Dragon who served the church of Vagnir, protecting Teutojin Dulac and his family for centuries. He took the form of a dog and served the family loyally until his brutal death during the Cataclysm.

Zakaire Mundwitherix
A Black Dragon who masqueraded as a sorceror during the Krieg campaign. He threw in his lot with Krieg during the war and attempted to manipulate both sides into deeper conflict. He worked with the Sunshadow Guild to serve his own ambitions of one day winning the Dragon Games for himself.

A Red Dragon who served as a mount for the Red General Krieg. Ambitious and powerful he sought to aid Krieg in his conquest of the kingdom and then usurp the kingdom for himself. He was killed by Teutojin and Axliniye.

A Green Dragon doctor. Sacrenis would travel the world under the guise of a medicine-woman researching the physiologies of the various mortal races. Many of the most profound modern medical texts are based on her work. Eventually she was slain by Zhenfeng and many of her medical texts stolen or burned.

A Silver Dragon who is known to have fought the Fire spirit Ixis a century ago at Goron’s Scar. Legend has it that the two had been rivals for centuries, It is said that when Ixis laid stake to a mortal city and set them beneath his tyrannical rule, Silenis alone opposed him. Their struggle culminated in an incredible battle where fire and ice devastated the land. Fire Elementals still roam the area where Silenis fell.

Omnifex aka Roka the Red
A Vampiric Red Dragon who died shortly before the Cataclysm. An incredibly powerful leader who spent over a century travelling the world in the guise of a wandering swordsman known as Roka the Red.

An ancient and powerful Blue Dragon illusionist. Wevlexus founded the Azure Syndicate, uniting a great deal of scalykind under his banner. Wevlexus eventually entered a deal with the Scarab King and became a Dracolich. His powers of manipulation and deception were incredibly dangerous. He was recently vanquished by Nasser Hammad. Twice.

A Brown dragon Aristocrat in the City of Glass. Quite powerful and influential though a bit too into hedonism.

A silver dragon who claimed the old city of New Durandel as his home. Karzonius spent much of his time in the guise of a wealthy bar-owner. He adopted several street urchins off of the streets and trained them in many trades. Karzonius was a kind and powerful young dragon.

Centuries ago, the Dwarven King of Fei Dao decided to craft a legacy for himself. After learning the history of The King of Stars he secretly obtained a Gold Dragon egg and, upon hatching it, raised it as his heir. He trained to Gold Dragon to think as he did. Ambitious and cunning, eventually the Gold Dragon replaced the dwarf as King, and ruled the Northern Empire of Fei Dao under his guise for over a century. He was eventually slain by Nasser Hammad and Erasmus Dyrvom.

The only daughter of Zhenfeng. She was sealed in a magic egg for centuries when Zhenfeng realized he was going to be killed. He had her in magical hibernation underground in his incredibly elaborate and dangerous tomb, hoping one day when she was sufficiently powerful, she would burst forth and conquer the world once more. She was freed a bit early by the crew of the Righteous Thunder and the Juvenile Dragon is now in the care of the Brown Dragon Haboob.

A young Copper Dragon who was alive before the Dragon Games. Nova befriended a small group of adventurers and served as their patron.


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