“There are enough legends about him it’s possible that Bernard the Obsidian couldn’t so much as throw a stick without causing it to become a legendary artifact.”
~Ivan Stonebach in reference to the Twig of Omens

Legendary Weapons


The Twelve
There are Twelve Legendary Swords that are known to be a piece of one of the most powerful summoning rituals in history. If all twelve are brought together and the proper words are spoken, one may summon any warrior in all of history to return to life to fight a battle.

Obsidian’s Gambit: a Greatsword weilded by Bernard the Obsidian, used to slay Malcolm the Betrayer.
Blasphemy: a Bastard Sword once held by Krieg the Red General
Heresy: the sister sword to Blasphemy, a Bastard Sword once held by Krieg the Red General
Prince of Ice: a Rapier once wielded by Prince Malcolm, son of Bernard the Obsidian
Yamafujin: a Katana once held by the swordsman Sho
Ryujin: a No-Dachi once wielded by Roka the Red
Red Lotus: a Katana once held by Setsuna the Mad
Arcadius: a legendary Longsword that belonged to the Royal Family of Halbarad
Lightning Road: a Jin crafted for the Fei Dao swordmaster Soshyn.
Titan Breaker: a Fullblade held by Shoga the Giantkiller.
Ebon Reed: a Khopesh revered by the Anubites.
Timedancer: A Scimitar forged by the founder of the Redstone Hounds.

In addition there are numerous other swords of note, including

The Hunger The Ancestral weapon of House Hammad, a uniquely designed Shamshir.
Howlmane The Falchion wielded by Koh the Historian.
Iron Mercy The sword of High Arbiter Danforth, passed down along the Order of Vagnir.
Nota Bene The legendary sword with a paper blade. Said to be made from a page of the Book of Fate and History itself. It is said that any blood Nota Bene draws forms itself into words upon it’s blade, telling the life and tale of it’s victims. Whoever masters the weapon can read the grisly catalogue of all who have been slain by the paper sword.


The Mace of Healing: an ancient weapon thought to have been made by Clan Fleetwind as a joke. It has the equal chance of healing or harming it’s victim.
White Ram A Maul once wielded by the Barbarian King Ragnhall the Windhammer.
Skullwrack A black hammer forged by the Dwarves designed to fell fortress walls, and giant skulls.


Nightfang One of Mountain Shadow’s fangs carved into a magical dagger. Used by Kerrex, Kobold Ninja. —
White Eclipse and Black Sun A pair of incredibly powerful daggers used by Zivilyn Lunus.
Harmspike A Scarab King artifact that can be used to slay any undead.
The Knife of Loden A Magical Dagger that can help lead you through the planes.


Dawn Chaser A javelin that was once held by Tahlrova the first Solar Queen of the city of Glass.
Iron Storm The unbreakable magic spear used by Jeran during the Krieg Campaign.
Pyres The burning lance of Infyrnus, Pyres is one of the most powerful channelers of flame in the world.
Strife-Catcher A scythe wielded by Kratos, the son of Krieg the Red General. An immensely powerful weapon, but legend says it will invariably bring death to it’s wielder.


Father-hand A feathered Waraxe crafted by the barbarian tribes of the north, One of the oldest weapons in existence, it’s edge is still sharp as when it first cut flesh.
Titan Spade Giants revere this magical axe used by Kordon of Earth for Geomancy, it was said to have been given to the Dwarves as a peace offering.
Gnawing Edge An ancient axe made from the tooth of the Tarrasque.
Iron Harvest A legendary Waraxe used by General Raldor during the Krieg Campaign.

Ranged weapons

Wicked Moon A powerful magical bow blessed by the Fourth Lunar King, a beastman named Veradi.
Ink A pitch black longbow designed for assassin’s by Zivilyn Mace, “For sending messages…”
Autumn’s Ending A magical longbow from the Feywild, crafted to kill a specific demon centuries ago. Once held by the legendary Archer Pierce Talondrei
Strum A legendary bow that is said to sing songs of power when knocked.
Illth An obscure magical bow once used by the archer Ethan Fletch during the Krieg Campaign it is an incredibly humble looking bow with the magical ability to entrap its target in entangling vines and roots.

Magical Implements

Sparknail A Magical fire weapon used by Ixis himself.
The Twig of Omens A small twig said to be one of the first wands ever to exist. A powerful magical artifact.
Stonebolt Legend says this magical staff was made when the Medusa Archmage Serkain was struck by lightning. All of the power of the storm was captured in this heavy stone staff.
Hyperbole An ancient staff that magnifies it’s user’s natural powers. Originally crafted by Malocles Falin.
Empty Verse A staff, balanced for combat, it molds itself to suit it’s user. Never taking the same form twice. However it’s said that a user who masters the staff can tap into the abilities of it’s previous owners.
First Harmony A staff crafted by the King of Stars and given to his most faithful servant. Designed for perfect balance and clarity of mind.
Beggar’s Truth A copper coin that is one of the most powerful Ki focuses in existence. Every 108 years Beggar’s Truth transforms into a new coin and seeks it’s next great master.

Magical Tools

The Four Winds Blessed by each of the four sons of Typhonus, the Four Winds are a set of pipes, which if properly played grant the user mastery of the Sky.

The Eye of Kordon Blessed by the god of Earth, this magical gemstone is said to be one of the greatest focuses of Geomancy in the universe.

Tornami’s Tear A Magical orb that grants absolute control of water, shards of the tear are spread across the continent.

The Iron Hand of Gilliam A Magical and powerful prosthetic

The Cloak of DuLac A Magical cloak that can take you anywhere in the planes.

The Elements of Maquin Pieces of Maquin’s original body which are held sacred to the Warforged race.

The Wall of the Wanderhoof A shield used by the great minotaur clans. It is said to have been crafted by Vanatus Wanderhoof from ironstone quarried from an ancient labyrinth.

The Adamantine Horse of Vagnir A Magical mechanical wonder that serves as a faithful mount.

Bak Ghensin An ancient bowl of the Marjani clan used to contain clan spirits.

Journeyleaf A magical leaf from the tree of Jodai that can be ridden through the skies.

The Crown Delvida and the Hand of Thrax Mysterious items said to unlock mastery of Life and Death.

The Index A legendary artifact of Sarcodion said to grant the power to alter written Fate.

Kingmaker A Legendary artifact said to capable of assuring truly powerful kingdom.


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