The Crown of Del Vida and the Hand of Thrax

Two Legendary Items Belonging to Clan Delthrax


The Hand of Thrax: a small ring that, when worn, transforms into a black, crystalline gauntlet that snakes over the wearer’s arm. Effect: on a successful attack the user may sacrifice a number of healing surges in order to deal their combined hit point value in damage to an opponent.

The Crown of Del Vida: Currently Unknown.


“With Thrax’s hand and Del Vida’s Crown
All foes shall swiftly be struck down
Vanquish all ills and erase strife
And the hero will be master of death and life.”

-A poem taken from one of many volumes of Delthrax Clan Chronicles, which record notable events in the clan’s history.

Long ago, before the Scarab Reckoning, there existed two clans, Clan Del Vida and Clan Thrax. The two clans often warred against each other, but due to Del Vida’s mastery of life magic and Thrax’s proficiency at killing, the two were at a standstill. However, during the Rain of Rodile, in order to avoid total annihilation, the two clans decided to unite and form the Delthrax clan. As a peace offering, the two clans’ most skilled artisans crafted two items: the Crown of Del Vida and the Hand of Thrax. Though powerful on their own, when worn together it is said that the wearer will become the master of life and death. In the centuries since the cataclysm, the Crown and Hand were lost. The last known owner of both is the long deceased Augustus Maxwell Delthrax, who is legendary among the clan for defending the clan from an army of demons. Though Augustus was slain after a long battle, none of the other Delthraxes were harmed. Both the Crown and Hand were lost in the aftermath.

Eventually, the Hand came into the possession of the Iron Elf King, who donated it to the Festival of the White Phoenix to be won as first prize in the festival arena. Daniel Delthrax and his crew, going by the team name “Beasts and Brothers,” became champions of the arena and Delthrax was awarded his clan’s artifact.

The Crown managed to traverse various planes and is now being held up for auction in the first level of Abyss. Delthrax seems to win this as well.

Prior to Daniel’s quest, his cousin Maria Delthrax attempted to search for the Crown and Hand, but was unable to find them. She now believes them legends.

The Crown of Del Vida and the Hand of Thrax

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