The Bak Ghensin

The spirit bowl of the Marjani Clan


Currently Inert. The Bak Gensin sheds a deep spiritual aura. It can be used to aid ritual casters granting a +3 bonus to Nature Checks made to complete rituals. However doing so requires a diplomacy check against a hard DC unless you are a member of the Marjani Clan.


This artifact was created by Marjani at the end of her life so she could watch over her children always. It appears to be a large stone tablet about the size of a small boulder. It is covered in glowing runes; all sparking with the collective energy of the Marjani living and dead, and just by touching it anyone of the clan can tap its powers and communicate with the clan as a whole. Marjani herself speaks through it and teaches the skills of the Seeker and the Spirit Shaman to her progeny. Some say that a Seeker or Spirit Shaman of sufficient skill can even contact Anyang through this artifact, though that has yet to be proven.

The Bak Ghensin

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