A tiny animated mechanical bird. It can carry messages.


Property: You have a mechanical messenger. The messenger has speed 8 and can function for 8 hours once it leaves you (see below). After 8 hours, the messenger deactivates. A creature can reactivate the messenger by making a DC 20 Arcana check and then spending a healing surge, at which point the messenger continues in its task to deliver a message (see below). A warforged can reactivate the messenger by embedding it.

A creature that is not the recipient of a message can make a DC 25 Arcana check to view the messenger’s programmed image and hear its message. A creature that makes a DC 30 Arcana check can learn the messenger’s intended destination and recipient.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. You program the messenger with an image of what you currently see, a statement of up to 25 words, and a destination or a message recipient. The messenger retains this information until you use this power again or until you die.
Power (At-Will): Free Action. You activate the messenger, and it leaves for its programmed destination or recipient and delivers its image and statement.


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