Zera as One

The essence of Sarcodion reforged. The great guardian of the Cycle.


Zera stands at 6’1" and is of a thin muscular build. He has dark skin and bright white power lines. He has an aura of darkness around him when he manifests. When in a normal state he has a halo of blackness around his head. He is bald. On his palms and on his back are markings of Sarcodion in power lines. He keeps his hands wrapped in bandages. He swears a deep cowled black robe to hide his inhuman appearance. He has at his belt what seems to be a bottle of ink in a holster along with several quills and sheets of parchment.


From the death of itself it waited, floating in infinity. Betrayal and hatred that should be
felt is threaded out by the empty nothingness that envelops it. Eons pass in the span of moments
for time means nothing to the being that fears not death. Time is measured by how close a being
comes to returning to its Creator so for it, for it there was no time even in its enervated state.
Gliding along in nothingness. It was Death. It was Dead. It was Undying and Forever Living…

I have seen much in my short time on this world. It has given me something to protect. Even if I am feared for it.

Look, I know you are scared. The unknown is fear to all eyes. Please, sit with me for a while and we will speak of small things to pass your time. You’ll barely even know you’ve left.

“I remember a simpler time among the crew of the Red Wanderer. I felt almost human with them… I miss it.”

Zera as One

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