Vargus Ironheart

Minotaur Fighter, son of Vargus, Minotaur Fighter


Age: 30

Height: 7’6

Weight: 800 lbs (not including plate armor)

Eyes: A surprisingly light blue, from his mother’s side; thought to be a sign of favor from the gods among the villages of Shantauran.

Physical Description:

Dark brown fur, sort of a deep tan from living and working on Shantauran most of his life. The sun has also bleached his horns to a pristine white.

As is the tradition of the minotaurs living amongst the giants, he has a brass nose ring that is about ¾ of a circle like many others’ rings, but the ends of the ring are capped with a two pearls he brought from his island home. He had it put in during a ritual of becoming a true warrior.

His axe, shield, and plate armor were gifts from his father and are of giant design. He actually helped his father craft his armor for him while studying from him in Fei Dao. The armor and the shield have the insignia of the Royal Guard of the Ettin King on it.


“Dan, if I wasn’t here to make sure you didn’t kill yourself, I’d kill you. [Sigh] I suppose you all won’t accept an extremely heartfelt apology from my friend here? No? Somehow, I didn’t think so…”
- Vargus Ironheart to Daniel Delthrax and some rather insulted hobgoblins shortly before the accidental destruction of the Lonely Hobgoblin Inn

One moonless night in a small village on the small island of Shantauran amidst the waves of the Wild Seas, a night of great passion was had between Sheana Lightfeather and Vargus Wanderhoof. As Wanderhoof was an adventurer passing through, he left the next morning to travel onwards towards the horizon, but gave Sheana a bracelet of finely wrought gold he had found amongst his travels before leaving. It was not until long after Vargus left that Sheana realized that she was pregnant with his child.

Unfortunately, the birth was rather difficult, and shortly after, she passed away. Before she left this world, however, she named her child Vargus after his absent father. Sheana’s mother, Chokra Lightfeather, took the child and named him Vargus after his mysterious father. The tradition amongst the minotaur of the Seas was to have the father decide the surname of his child, but since Vargus Wanderhoof was long gone and she did not know his full name, Chokra decided that the child’s name would be Ironheart, for he would need a heart of iron to survive in these times without a mother or a father.

Vargus Ironheart grew up under the tutelage of his grandmother and learned to be honest and true. Chokra was a shaman for a nearby village, so Vargus spent a long time learning from his grandmother about the land and the creatures that live on it. But after a time, he began to wonder about his father and desired adventures of his own. So, with the bittersweet blessing of his grandmother and his father’s bracelet, Vargus set off in a small skiff. After a long journey from island to island, he eventually made it to the mainland and began searching for his father. He quickly learned that most minotaurs on the mainland lived amongst the giants under the rule of the Ettin King, so he set off for the northern realm of Fei Dao.

When he arrived in the land of the giants, he began searching for his father. He found out that his father had actually settled there and had worked his way up the ranks of the giant army and was captain of the Royal Guard and a trusted advisor of the Ettin King. Wanderhoof at first did not believe Vargus, but when he saw the bracelet that he had left with Sheana, he knew Vargus was telling the truth.

After being filled in on Ironheart’s life and what happened to his mother, Wanderhoof decided to take Ironheart under his wing. He taught him how to protect others in battle, how to crush enemies that stood in his way, and how to be a great minotaur warrior. During his training, Wanderhoof’s old adventuring companion Damien Delthrax sent his son Daniel to train with him. Ironheart thought Dan was an arrogant, spoiled idiot and Dan thought Ironheart was a stick in the mud, but after a training mission where Dan saved Ironheart’s life at the cost of losing his mother, they became the best of friends.

Wanderhoof got Ironheart a position in the Royal Guard, but Ironheart turned him down, saying that he wanted adventure. Wanderhoof was saddened by this, but understood what his boy felt, as he had left his parents years ago as well. So, Ironheart joined Daniel as his first mate on the ship, The Righteous Thunder, and they are currently adventuring with several other adventurers.

During his travels, Vargus, Dan, and Nadeshka ran into some of the crew of the Red Wanderer and together, they experienced the battle of the City of Blades during the Cataclysm. In this experience, Vargus played the part of Chiroth, an ancient Orc monk who led the combined tribes of orcs into battle. He was so impressed with Chiroth and his deeds that he took a small pouch of his ashes with him.

About a year later, after many adventures from the Shadowfell to the Tomb of Zhen Feng to Pazuzu’s private storage rooms where he helped Bastrael steal back his true name, Vargus ended up in Jaff after helping Ignis create the Beastman Nation, where he found what remained of the orcs working within the Kilthojo military. Nadeshka was then able to revive Chiroth from the ashes Varugs had, and with his backing, got the promise of help from Kilthojo in the upcoming battle against the Scarab King.

Just after this, the Scarab King actually launched an attack on a city in southern Kilthojo. The Righteous Thunder swooped in to help and found Damien Delthrax, who had become a Death Knight by this time. Vargus killed Damien, sealing his soul into his sword, and after helping save Bastrael from one of Pazuzu’s demon generals gifted with the powers of an ancient silver dragon, helped resurrect Damien.

After a brief time, once things had settled down, Vargus set about gathering people similar to him in their interest in doing good and defending the helpless in an attempt to recreate the Wanderhoof Clan, but this time, as an organization rather than a clan. Over the course of about a year, he gathered several dozen people from all sorts of races and countries. He formed the Wanderhoofs, a non-aligned organization based in the new Beastman Nation dedicated to protecting the unprotected and keeping the peace for as long as possible in as many places as possible. He had obtained the Wall of the Wanderhoof years before, and it became a symbol of the Wanderhoofs.

Vargus had also received a card, years before, with the picture of a Bronze Dragon from a woman named Seraid. Supposedly, once used, it could let the wielder make one strike with the power of his or her entire clan behind them. Vargus had saved it, and planned to pass it onto his successor, along with the Wall of the Wanderhoof, but would only tell that one person and swear them to secrecy. It was only to be used in the most extreme of circumstances, for he did not know what effect it would have on the wielder.

Relationship With the Crew

Dan: Vargus’s oldest friend, he trusts Dan’s intentions more than his actions or words. He knows that he always means well and sometimes that comes across, but Vargus has many a time had to step in to defuse a situation sparked by Dan. However, no matter what mess Dan gets himself and others around him into, Vargus will be there to make sure everything turns out okay.

Nadeshka: A recent addition to the crew of the Righteous Thunder, Vargus views Nadeshka, or “Deshka” as he calls her, with a combination of sisterly and daughterly affection. He sees her as innocent and worthy of protection, and does his best to defend her both from those who would wish her harm as well as Dan, occasionally.

Ignis: Vargus was wary of the strong and silent Ignis at first, but after seeing him in action a couple times, quickly grew to respect and trust him both for his fighting ability as well as deep-seated sense of honor and duty. Ignis has mentioned to Vargus about a dream of uniting all the Beastmen under one banner, and this idea has settled itself in Vargus’s brain and is slowly growing to a full fledged desire.

Taigus: Vargus sees Taigus as a combination of a dopey friend and blundering younger brother. He has, at various times, had to defuse situations caused by Taigus’s eccentric desires to “experience all that life has to offer,” including various substances, illicit and otherwise. He also notices Taigus looking at him a lot, especially during the heat of battle, and occasionally sighing with a dumb smile on his face, but attributes that to Taigus’s desire to learn everything he can and being inspired by Vargus’s excellent fighting abilities.


Vargus Wanderhoof, father
Sheana Lightfeather, mother
Sheamus Wanderhoof, uncle
Irgus Wanderhoof, grandfather
Britania Wanderhoof, grandmother

Vargus Ironheart

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