Vanatus the Wanderer


Vanatus the Wanderer was a legendary fighter that ascended to almost god-like status in both ability and fame over the course of his lifetime. He traveled the world protecting the innocent and destroying those who would harm others. He never stayed long, as his name would suggest, but as he aged, he gathered a fair number of like-minded minotaur under him and formed the Wanderhoof clan in the hopes of creating a place to raise and train warriors to not only fight and kill, but to safeguard and protect.

After setting up the clan and organizing his followers, he took up blacksmithing. He created many weapons, shields, and armors for his followers, and as the years went on, he fine-tuned his skills up until he was an old man. Vanatus was on his last legs when he began forging the Wall of the Wanderhoof, a giant shield and the pride and joy of Vanatus’s aspirations as a blacksmith.

The story goes that as he pulled it out of the fires of the forge for the final time, he pressed his hand against the shield, leaving a scorch mark on it in the shape of his hand. He then collapsed on the floor of the smithy. It was not long before it became apparent that he was soon to leave this world. It is said that the night he died, he demanded that his old shield and sword be brought to him. He pulled his son close to him and told him to use the shield he forged in the protection of not only the clan, but of everyone that needed protection. Shortly thereafter, he died like a warrior, sword and shield in hand.

Vanatus the Wanderer

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