Taigus Gladwell

A travelling spell-sword and scholar and looking to write the next great travel novel.


He stands at about 5’9 and is kind of wiry and lean, but there’s really not a shred of fat on the guy. He’s pretty dark skinned and looks weathered, definitely working some wind burn. His light grey eyes tend to make him look wide eyed a lot and he has floppy light brown hair. His nose is kind of big and has a smallish scar across the bridge of it, more towards his nostrils than his forehead.

Taigus is lightly dressed since he relies on his wards to protect him. He’s grown used to having the sun constantly beating down on him so he wears a lot of light clothing, whites and light blues. He’s kinda working some sort of Aladdin type pants things, where they puff out, although the individual pant legs are much more separated from each other than Aladdin’s pants. On his waist he’s got a belt that has a pouch over on his right side that holds his journal and a writing utensil. A holster, of sorts. Taigus has on a linen shirt with a high collar that tends to have it’s sleeves rolled up. Over it, almost like a vest, he has a leather jerkin. His sword is sheathed on the left side of his hip, although he hardly ever actually reaches for it, he just calls the blade to his hand. He’s got two fairly thick bands tattooed on each arm, near the wrist.


Taigus definitely has a charmed life. He grew up in a family of five, he and his two older sisters, Verew and Irryn, all grew up together in a well-to-do household. The servants, the grand house, the plethora of toys all were paid for by his mother’s job as a diplomat for The Archaeologist Guild. Helen Gladwell, Taigus’s mother, mainly spent her time dealing with the Elvish consulates in the capital city of Edenholm where Taigus and his sisters grew up. Tradition in the Gladwell family typically dictates that the daughters work towards competitive jobs in the government while the sons tend towards scholarly pursuits that usually result in teaching at one of the many prestigious universities across Edenholm. While Verew became interested in economics and Irryn chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps, Taigus found joy in reading travel logs and journals kept by travelers of all sorts. His father and mother initially frowned upon it, but once convinced of its anthropological and historical value they allowed him to pursue his interest, if only out of curiosity. As Taigus got older and was allowed to attend the functions held by his mother he came to meet and interact with different Elvish citizens, all of who had fantastic tales to tell of the Sky Kingdoms. Taigus grew starry-eyed, having spent his life underground and never knowing what a world without a ceiling was like. He began to nurse a fierce desire to visit the Sky Kingdoms and to, eventually, see the rest of the world. Knowing that the world above was one full of potential danger he began to research; research that would allow him to explore the world at will, martial research. It was then he discovered the few, selective academies run by Elves that taught a powerful style that combined academics, swordplay, and the arcane arts. Determined to pursue this art that seemed to made for him, Taigus convinced his parents to send him to study and live in the Elvish Sky Kingdoms at the ripe age of 21. Five years he spent there, honing his skills as a Swordmage and becoming acclimated to a completely different world. Now, a graduate, Taigus seeks to pursue his dream to become a travel writer, providing tales of lands and peoples that few have encountered since the Cataclysm.

Personality wise, Taigus is kind of a sissy. He led a pretty sheltered life and can sometimes come off as socially awkward although he’s got an insatiable curiosity that allows him to overcome any of his inhibitions. This allows him to be the first to head into any situation of danger, just as long as there’s something new and exciting that he can write about later while lying in his bed roll next to a campfire. Taigus is, of course, quite intelligent and dedicated to his work, though he’s not always the most serious. He strives to emulate certain stereotypes of heroes from the stories he’s read; in spite of his years of rigorous training and experience living abroad on his own Taigus is still quite naive.

Taigus Gladwell

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