Sonya Delthrax

Deceased mother of Daniel Delthrax and wife of Damian Delthrax


Hair color: Red
Eye color: Sky blue
Height: 5’8"
Clothes: Red robe that is lined with gold at the bottom, lapels, and cuffs. On the back of the robe is a silver-grey cloud with gold lightning bolts extending from it and continuing in a spiral around the sleeves. The robe reaches down to her feet.
Hairstyle: Long and flowing, her hair is held back in a gold tiara/headband. It’s long enough that it reaches her lower back.
Facial details: Her face is thin, her eyes are large, her lips are thick and her cheeks have a light blush to them.

On her right wrist, she has a double-helix bracelet. A small prong extends to the center of her palm when she is using a spell to amplify her magic.


Sonya Delthrax

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