Skystrike Mages

A Family of Arcane Tricksters


The Skystrike Mages are a family of mages of considerable power, though nothing world-changing. They are not quite pirates, but instead thieves. As opposed to raiding ships, they travel from city to city, stealing from wealthy churches, the homes of nobles, and powerful shops. Their most famous feat and the reason the Skystrike Mages are of note is that they managed to perform a successful robbery on the restaurant Also Haboob’s Also, a tertiary branch of the restaurant belonging to the wealthy aristocrat Haboob.

However, due to the nature of their deeds, they had many run-ins with the Pirate Armada. It was during these encounters that Damian Delthrax first met Sonya Oberon Skystrike. The two battled over some loot, which resulted in Damian falling unconscious and suffering a rather severe burn from Sonya’s fire spell. The two would meet time and again under similar circumstances, getting to know each other more and more, until eventually they fell in love. The two were soon wed and eventually their son, Daniel, was born. With Daniel’s birth, many of the members of the Skystrike Mages agreed to ally themselves with the Pirate Armada.

To those that are not familiar with underground dealings, the Skystrike Mages are known as a troupe of performers that do street shows entertaining the public with amusing magical displays.

It is Skystrike tradition that the middle name of the first grandchild of any Skystrike mage is first name of the grandfather.

Skystrike Mages

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