Sheamus Wanderhoof


Height: 8’ 4"

Weight: 900 lbs

Sheamus is massive, even for a minotaur. One of his horn is broken at the tip as a result of an attempted wooing of a female giant when he was younger, and he is very self-conscious about it. To cover it up, he has an iron tip covering it that he polishes and sharpens every day, possibly due to overcompensation. His fur is dark brown, but there are large patches that are slightly discolored due to large amounts of scars and scar tissue that he’s accumulated throughout his life.

His armor is a combination of leather and metal, allowing him reasonable protection without costing him much movement. He also prefers the way the leather looks and feels that if he wore plate armor, he would scare women off. He carries an enormous two handed sword that is almost as tall as he is. However, he wields it as though it was weightless.


Sheamus Wanderhoof, son of Irgus and Britania Wanderhoof, is Vargus Wanderhoof’s older brother. The only thing he enjoys more the company of women of any race, when he can get it, is drink, the stronger the better. As such, his temper is a bit short and burns rather hot, but he never really hurts anyone. At least not badly. On purpose. Unless they insult his mother, which is probably one of the most dangerous things to do on any of the infinite planes of existence.

He left home at an early age, but as opposed to looking for adventure, he was looking for love. Unfortunately, most women of any race that he met were not looking to settle down with a loud, slightly drunken, immensely powerful minotaur that carried a giant broadsword everywhere he went. Despite his physical appearance, which is rather intimidating due to the massive amount of scars he’s gathered on his quest for love (both physical and emotional), he is a classic hopeless romantic. He tries to write poetry, but it usually revolves around comparing various aspects of women’s bodies to ales and the like. He really means well, he just doesn’t quite know how to let others know.

As of now, his exact whereabouts are unknown, but as far as any of the Wanderhoof have heard, he is still alive and kicking. He is still on his quest to find a wife, but has of yet been unsuccessful. Last time anyone heard from him, he was heading to Redstone City. He had heard that dwarven women would be more open to a minotaur as a husband, as he had exhausted all local possibilities. Also, they apparently made damn fine ale.

Sheamus Wanderhoof

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