Nadeshka's Spirit Family

The Spirits of Nadeshka's family, all living their after-lives around her neck


General Appearances

Oyoo Marjani – (Nadeshka’s Grandfather) an old man of eighty-eight years of age who has long since balded with long, sharp, pointed ears and a more bestial look to him than most of the clan. He uses a walking stick and is actually quite thin and frail looking. He is a rarity among his clan for having red-purple eyes. He is the Father of Rashida Marjani.

Unathi Marjani – (Nadeshka’s Grandmother) an old woman of seventy-nine years old. Her hair has since turned silver and is kept in a looping braid about her neck and she too carries a walking stick with several ancient runes carved into the wood. Her teeth are strangely long and her face appears more elongated than most. She actually looks to be in very good shape for her advanced age. She is the mother of Rashida Marjani.

Rashida Marjani – (Nadeshka’s Mother) a young, strong looking woman of forty-five. She has long, dark red hair that wild and thickly knotted in places. She carries a long sword at her hip and seems to always have a cocky smile, looking ready for a fight. She wears a cornflower blue shirt with brown leather pants and the resemblance between her and Nadeshka is almost uncanny.

Nadir Marjani – (Nadeshka’s Father) at age forty-seven he looks almost strangely young, it’s mainly due to the aura of shyness about him. His gray-black hair is cut short and the tip of his left ear flips down slightly. He is, however, imposingly tall and strong looking with a great bow slung over his shoulder. Whenever he is released from the totem he is the first to hug Nadeshka.

Blyds Marjani – (Nadeshka’s older brother) at age twenty-eight he looks very much like his younger sister, save for a silvery hair color and being far taller. He apparently lost his clan ring years ago, much to the chagrin of his family.

Rehema Marjani – (Nadeshka’s younger sister) the six year old spirit who guides Nadeshka’s arrows when she needs to redirect them. She is very small for her age with bright red hair that seems just as tangled as her mother’s. Rehema also shares the crescent moon birthmark that would mark her as a Dragon Bride later on in life.

Ayo Marjani – (Nadeshka’s youngest brother) the five year old spirit Nadeshka is often seen playing with. He has his father’s hair with his grandfather’s rare eye color and seems to have been the most affected by his death as his spirit seems to be on fire whenever it appears to anyone other than Nadeshka.

General Personalities

Oyoo – He is very old and very intelligent and, strangely enough, was a sword mage in his younger years. He can be a bit grumpy at times and is very judgmental but generally has a good, generous heart. He also has a strange magpie fascination with anything very shiny.

Unathi – A very wise shaman, in life she was the clan’s main medicine woman and greatest spiritual adviser. She is very kind and very gentle and soft spoken but has a very, very quick temper and has a habit of being too blunt for any situation.

Rashida – Strongly opinionated, temperamental, brave and cunning are the best words for Rashida Marjani. She was often hailed among the lion-folk as having the heart of a lion and the brain of a fox and was known to take part in their tests of strength. She is always ready for a challenge and will freely speak her mind. She’s a bit scary.

Nadir – As opposed to his wife, Nadir is quiet and a bit shy with very good manners. He is very protective of his family and, in fact, died trying to keep his youngest children from feeling the blows of the ship, to spare them a traumatic death. He would do anything for his family but has a bit of a problem of being too protective.

Blyds – Is a very proud young man, but lacks the natural Marjani grace and has a habit of tripping over his own feet. He’s sweet and sincere but a bit thick and as a result trained in being a ranger rather than anything else. He does have an uncanny sense of direction though.

Rehema – Loud and rambunctious, despite being so young she often could outsmart her older brother with the tricks she played on him and actually began learning to pick locks before her untimely demise. She often pops out of the totem to curl up in Nadeshka’s lap as she misses her sister’s warmth. She has also developed a little girl crush on Vargus, because of how well he has taken care of her sister.

Ayo – is playful and sweet but his spirit was affected most by its violent death. He loves his family and dancing and is as sweet as a little boy can be while still being a boy. He also has developed a habit of chasing Nadeshka’s bat spirits around the deck of the Righteous Thunder while she isn’t paying attention and has taken to scaring Gymon when he can.


“I love my family, and they are always here to protect me, even if I can’t touch them anymore.”
~Nadeshka Marjani

“Did I do good, sis?!”
~Rehema’s spirit upon hitting a hob-goblin with a re-directed arrow

“Let me at him!!”
~Rashida Marjani at hearing her daughter be insulted

“Is there a reason as to why you’re so close to my daughter?”
~Nadir Marjani in general

Before The Attack

Rashida Marjani became clan leader abnormally early in her life (age fifteen), after having challenged the past clan leader, Hadiya, to a duel and winning, taking her place and choosing her younger brother to be her bond mate. As unusual as the situation was, most of the Marjani admired the younger woman’s attitude and found her to be a good choice for a clan leader.

Nadir, of course, had very little choice in the matter and it took him a while to warm to the idea. He and Rashida were very different people with different views on the world. Rashida eventually won him over by filling his room on the main ship with crafted paper frogs. After this incident, Nadir quickly fell for her and they married when Rashida turned seventeen and led the clan as effectively as they could, leading them to a prosperity they had not known under Nadir’s sister.

After the birth of Blyds and Nadeshka, Rashida began strengthening ties to the Lion and Jaguar folk, trying to secure the Marjani as many allies as possible. Rashida began to show her own belief in her father Oyoo’s message of Beastmen integration into the outside world and began to encourage the other clans, along with her own, to reach out to other races. Nadir didn’t always agree with this choice, and often argued with her politics but did his best to support her, trying to teach their children the value of temperance.

Rashida competed in many tournaments over the years, with the intent of proving her strength. Her last one was when she was seven months pregnant with Ayo. Rashida also did her best to groom Nadeshka into a clan leader, trying to get the normally quiet girl to express herself more to the world, needless to say she had more luck with Blyds. Nadeshka took more to the use of a bow under her father’s tutelage and he was the one who ultimately taught Blyds and Nadeshka to hunt as a team, rather than compete for who is the best.

In the end, it was Rashida turned a blind eye to Blyds’ desire to travel and explore, letting him take a small boat every so often to chart out small islands and meet with trade ships.

After Death

Nadeshka’s family is actually pretty normal considering their fate. They have a habit of bouncing out of her totem to get in their two cents but are generally helpful and enjoy the crew that Nadeshka has tagged along with. Rashida in particular has come to be fond of Daniel Delthrax, finding him to be the type of brashness that she enjoys. The entire family would be willing to accept Ignis into the Marjani clan and they also have grown a habit for spooking Taigus when they can. Nadir and Rehema are quite fond of Vargus but for different reasons.

Nadir has spiritually passed the “Protect Nadeshka from stupid men” torch onto Vargus. Oyoo and Unathi can actually often be seen sitting on the deck of the ship, watching the sea.

Despite how Nadeshka feels, they are all proud of her decision to continue on.

When Nadeshka calls upon her spirit companion, it is her Father. When she uses Call of the Ghost Fox, it is her Mother.

Nadeshka's Spirit Family

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