Nadeshka Marjani

Wayward fox-girl refugee with a penchant for ghosts.


Human Form

Head/Face Shape – Angular, with a sharp nose and jaw line and high cheekbones. Thinner lips that are oddly dark in color (like a muzzle on a fox or dog) and sharp, long canine teeth. Her ears are naturally pointed but not to the point of being distracting
Skin color – more of a honey color. Somewhere in between white and tanned. The skin of her hands and feet is a few shades darker though.
Eyes- Very, very large with silver irises (a common trait for her clan) with snake-slit pupils, they reflect light in the dark much like a dog or cat.
Hair- long, orange-red with white tips (dyed) that is normally kept in a pony tail but when let loose is wild and always has some kind of tangle in it. It reaches about mid back.
Body Type- Thin and curvy with well muscled legs, her hands are long and fingers are thin with long nails that are naturally dark in color. She looks more delicate than she really is.
Clothing – Normally wears a cornflower blue sleeveless dress that comes to mid-calf but slits on both sides up to mid-thigh for ease of movement with cream colored pants beneath, the dress is also embroidered in silver along the sides and the back has a silver and gold embroidered image of a spirit fox, the front has a silver vine pattern. The dress is v-necked but not very far down. She wears fingerless, dark blue leather gloves with steel studs and matching boots that come up to her knees, she also wears a matching belt that is covered in odd pouches. Around her neck is a totem locket with the pieces of her clan contained within, she moves the vials containing the bits into compartments in her gloves during combat to more easily channel their power. On the index finger of her right hand is her clan ring, a simple red coral band that will sting anyone other than a member of her clan, the rings of her family are kept in a pouch at her hip. She wears her quiver on her back, it is made of wood and has different images carved into it.
Markings – She has freckles across her nose and cheeks and on her shoulders. She wears a bandage on her right knee, she just thinks it looks cool. Has a crescent moon birthmark between her breasts.

Beast Form

Head Shape/Face – Her jaw and nose elongate into more of a maw with her teeth growing, her ears draw back and extend into sharp points, the angles becoming more pronounced
Skin color – becomes covered in reddish-orange fur with her hands and feet covered in black fur and her stomach, chest, and the lower part of her face covered in white.
Eyes – The silver takes over the whole of her eyes and the pupil disappears completely.
Hair – always falls out of the pony tail and becomes more wild.
Body type – Retains the basic shape but grows taller by 5 inches, her legs extend to something more animal, the joint reversing to bend that way and her hands grow into claws. Sprouts a thick fox tail that may or may not split into multiple tails of differing colors depending on if she is still calling upon her spirits.
Clothing – Usually has time to remove most of her clothing before changing into Beast form. Always keeps her totem and gloves, the gloves stretch.
Markings – other than the obvious, her fox form has a black patch of fur in the center of her chest, shaped like a crescent moon.


“I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening. The spirits are very chatty here and I prefer their voices to yours.”
~Nadeshka Marjani

A Brief History

Nadeshka spent most of her life living on the ships of the Marjani clan, learning the art of being a seeker from her extended family and communicating with the Bak Ghensin, being the first of her insular family within the clan since her great-grandmother to be aware of the dragon spirit within. Being the oldest daughter of the clan leader, her mother Rashida, she was expected to be a beacon of clan teachings and become the future protector of the Bak Ghensin.

Throughout most of her youth her family traveled, spending an inordinate amount of time with the Ebele, allowing a strong friendship and eventually love to blossom between Nadeshka and the eldest son of the Ebele leader Gerrah. Gerrah intended on asking for Nadeshka’s to be his bond-mate when they reached the age of twenty, swearing this when their ships parted ways.

This time was not to come. On the eve of the Marjani’s expected rendezvous with the Ebele ships, the Dikelede tribe burnt their ships, stealing the Bak Ghensin and leaving Nadeshka for dead. She, however, was able to gather parts of their fur and bodies before jumping ship and floating on a makeshift raft for three days.

The Pirate Armada picked her up and began employing her. Beginning her story.

Past Family Life

Nadeshka’s family was huge, as the whole clan was considered her family. But the inner workings of her insular family are what shaped her.

She had a tight bond to her older brother who, despite being thick, was always kind and gentle. They actually trained together with Nadeshka excelling in the use of a bow and Blyds becoming skilled with dual swords, and above all they worked best in tandem. Blyds did pick on his younger sister and was great friends with her fiancee, but over all he was a good man. He was the first of Nadeshka’s family to be killed, having his throat cut in his sleep.

Nadeshka’s mother, Rashida, posed a stranger story. Nadeshka did her best to please her brash mother and gave all the love she had to her. Though Rashida was very proud of her daughter’s achievements, she often wished Nadeshka would stand up and act as a leader rather than try to work in the background or hide in her shadow. She believed Nadeshka needed someone or something to make her into a true clan leader. Before she died she helped Nadeshka collect the pieces of the clan needed for resurrection and sent her to her father. In the chaos Rashida died going down with the ship, praying for her daughter’s safety.

Nadir was more understanding of Nadeshka’s shyness and played a much bigger role in her life, shaping her views of the world and the spirit world, being a Seeker himself. He often encouraged her to strengthen her ties to the spirits she came across and to embrace her position within the clan. He also was overly protective of her and had a deep distaste for any men who vied for her hand who he felt was unworthy. Nadir was also the one who convinced Nadeshka to abandon ship, handing her a vial of his blood and tossing her onto a make-shift raft before doing his best to keep up the fight.

Nadeshka’s relationship with her younger siblings was actually the strongest, being the main tutor of Rehema and Ayo. She spent the most time with them and loved them deeply, often allowing them to sleep in her bed at night or playing with them when she should have been allowing the rest of the clan time with them. Nadir died trying to keep their suffering to a minimum.

Nadeshka’s grandparents were a bit overbearing, expecting a lot of her very quickly, expecting her to be like their daughter Rashida. Her grandmother, Unathi, was a bit more spiritually minded than her sword-mage husband and often had more in common with Nadeshka and spent hours teaching her. Oyoo was more like a specter in her world, always expecting greatness and feeling disappointment when she didn’t live up to expectation. They both died together, in their sleep, stabbed to death.

Despite all the strangeness and drama, they all love each other deeply and would do anything for one another.

Personality Profile

On the surface Nadeshka (Deshka to her friends) is sweet and clumsy, a bit naïve and with her head firmly planted in the clouds. She is very shy and proper and does her best to stay out of the spotlight when she can. One could question her skills until seeing the power she wields without even thinking about it. Her connection to the spirit realm has rendered her a bit flighty in the realm of mortals but she is very attractive to spirits. She also has a very hot temper and will lose any filter in terms of what she says when angry.

Underneath this, one can see a deep sadness in her eyes, as though she has failed some great challenge or her clan. She hides this very well but this has manifested in a deep seated fear of bats, despite being able to summon them. She tries her best to be cheerful in the face of death because death, to her, is not the end. What truly saddens her is the loss of the voices of her extended clan, and she would do anything to get the Bak Ghensin back and, other than the resurrection of her family, this is her main goal.

In battle, she is completely focused on her goal but prefers to avoid killing when she can. She is highly skilled at what she does and can think outside the box in combat, being very used to working in groups.

Relationship with the Crew

Vargus – she feels a great, sisterly affection for him and particularly takes joy in how much he reminds her of her brother. She enjoys his company greatly and appreciates his protection, though does not understand why Dan is always scolded more often when in her presence. He smells of earth and iron to her.

Taigus – she worries, a lot. She likes his stories and his personality but believes him to be a bit naive about his interactions with illicit substances. She has also taken to keeping his cabin clean, as it seems to always have something gross in it. He smells of old books and alcohol to her.

Ignis – she enjoys his company and feels a bond with him, having a mutual feeling of loss. She does try to make him see the brighter side of life when she can and wants him to loosen up a bit. She seems to view him as a pack member. She also keeps a tally of how often she can make him smile and is very confused at how he views her. He smells like fire-wood and trees to her.

Dan – she is very confused at his behavior (particularly towards her), more often than not and feels as though she’s always getting him into trouble. She enjoys his humor and feels strangely frustrated at his treatment of other women, though she has yet to explore this. He reminds her of someone though, someone she can’t quite remember. He smells of ocean water and lilies to her.

She keeps any romantic notions to herself, doing her best to keep from being a distraction but if asked would be open about her feelings.

She greatly appreciates how far everyone goes to protect her.

Fun facts!

- Her favorite smell is Rosemary and her favorite color is blue.
- Nadeshka only owns one dress that is practically made of patches. It is the dress she had been wearing on the day her ships were destroyed and just repairs it constantly rather than getting a new one.
-Nadeshka dyes the tips of her hair white, she got into the habit at age sixteen and just never broke out of it.
-Nadeshka loves to dance, but cannot sing for her life.
-She originally bore no ill will toward the Dikelede, fearing them instead. This has since changed since the Dikelede have decided to attack her friends. She still fears them, but will no longer back down from a fight.
-Nadeshka is also subject to nightmares every so often, but she never brings them up for fear of being seen as useless.

Nadeshka Marjani

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