Maria Delthrax

Cousin of Dan Delthrax, Captain of the Deadly Beauty


Full Name: Maria Lightprincess Delthrax
Parents: Jessica Shinystone Delthrax (née Kensington) and Samuel Maxwell Delthrax

Hair color: strawberry blonde
Eye color: blue
Hairstyle: Spiky bangs and a ponytail that goes down to the middle of her back. The string that supports her ponytail is adorned with a butterfly-shaped jewel.
Clothes: She wears what is essentially Dan’s clothing, but fitted for a woman.
Weapons: As opposed to the clubs Dan wields, Maria wields a broadsword like Damian, though not quite as large and not specially designed.

Strawberry blonde and with striking blue eyes, Maria is excessively beautiful and cognizant of this fact.


“She’s the child I always wanted.”
-Damian Delthrax

“God, I hate that bitch with the heat of the entire elemental plane of fire.”
-Dan Delthrax

Maria, two years older than her cousin Dan, is a pirate like the other Delthraxes. As captain of the Deadly Beauty, she often assists Damian, who contacts her first when he needs help.

She often uses her beauty and a flirty, somewhat ditzy attitude to get what she wants. If that does not work, however, she drops the false persona and resorts to using her impressive skills with a broadsword to achieve her goals. She is secretly cutthroat and very ambitious.

She acts sweet to mostly everyone and her endearing clumsiness makes people readily like her. She is rather popular wherever she goes. This allows her to easily manipulate and betray people.

There is one exception to her niceness: her cousin, Daniel. After Dan’s mother’s death, Samuel and Jessica frequently visited Damian and would bring Maria with them. Maria made a habit of making Dan look bad and herself look good in Damian’s eyes. Furthermore, she enjoyed being cruel to Dan and whenever Dan would try to tell Damian of Maria’s awfulness, Maria would use her manipulative false persona to convince Damian that Dan and Maria were best friends, a falsehood that still holds up presently.

Whenever she is around him, Maria relentlessly and shamelessly hits on Dan’s best friend, Vargus Ironheart. This, much like everything she does, vexes Dan to no end. She is openly callous to Dan and regards anyone with whom he associates (Vargus aside) with disdain.

Maria Delthrax

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