James Lucien

The Excruciatingly Witty Hegemon of Port DuVois


“What, You haven’t heard?”
~James Lucien

The early life of the nauseatingly handsome James Lucien DuVois is twice veiled in mystery. It is common knowledge that he was born in the Underdark, one of few humans to live among The Val’Dune. It is mystifying however, that he claims not to have been a slave, but something of a citizen in the Drow community, treated mostly with a mild neglect. Moreover, it is whispered that he graduated several Drow academies while still boy, deciding to move to the surface only when it became clear his progress was making waves among the matriarchy.

During one public speech he said that it was soon after coming to the surface (with nothing but his several changes of clothes and three gold) that he met longtime friend Nikolai Gandling. The two of them spent time as traveling salesmen and opportunists, building capital and making allies before starting a small community in the hamlet which would one day become Port DuVois.

Rumor has it that it was during these adventures that the embarrassingly charismatic Lucien attracted a talented crew of experts to help pilot his old ship, the Open Fist, and that many of those crew members now serve as state officials in the government of Port DuVois.

James Lucien

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