Ignis the Fire Lord

Axe wielding wolfman with a penchant for flame


6’0" 195 lbs
Wolf-like facial structure
Eyes are yellow
Present but not overbearing sideburns
Shaggy light-brown hair
Ears that are slightly pointed/lupine
Teeth are sharper, but not obviously so, save for the fangs that are noticeably longer

Well built/toned/in shape yet slender with a quick appearance that leans towards the muscled end.
Quite hairy on the forearms, chest and calves, slightly more than an ordinary human everywhere else
Skin is tanned from sailing in the open air

Bloodied/Shifter form:
Fully fledged wolf face with slightly longer fangs
Fully coated in light brown fur (same as hair)
Muscles increase slightly in size

-Laurel of Burning Leaves
-Crimson Shirt with Orange and Gold trimmings around the edge of the v-neck and hood (yes he still has a hood, it’s a throw-back to his old style)
-Under the v-neck you can see his black darkhide armour
-Whichever axe he is not using is kept on his back, but Sparknail is always in his hand, both of his tribal axes have wooden handles and the clan mark on the blade
-He wears good but durable black pants, probably a little more close fitting than before and nice but durable black boots
-Around his neck hangs a flower bursting into flame, a symbol of the fine line that every member of his tribe walks between compassion, control and rage
-His flame bracers remain locked on his forearms, visible to all and near impossible to remove and they too have the mark of his clan


Ignis’ father was the fire-lord of the council, which was both an honour and a disappointment, it meant he was the son of the highest ranking member of the simplest group, and not a fantastic warrior at that. Ignis’ father Lucius barely managed to discover the balance between rage and control, usually resting too far on the side of control. Ignis took his father’s failures and decided that he would become the opposite, a prized fighter that could be assigned any task and be expected to come out alive. However, he initially had some slight problems controlling his rage, but this he swiftly overcame through sheer desire and he was regarded as a prodigy by every other member of the tribe. His father was very proud. Near the beginning of his 16th year, Ignis and the best female tribe member to be seen in a long time, Flavia began to notice each other as more than clan-mates. Every adult foresaw the two of them becoming partners for life.
Near the end of his 16th year, Ignis shared a Moonshine Ceremony with her.
The next evening, Ignis awoke to find Hobgoblins slaughtering his tribe. In all the chaos, he met up with three of his friends in a desperate fight for their lives. An adult mage appeared to them and told them that the fight is desperate and that they must flee. He then opened a portal through which they fled.
Unfortunately an issue occurred and they were scattered to different places.
Ignis began to wander, becoming a sword-for-hire and getting into brawls in inns. Over his travels he spent much time among the sea-faring beasts & canines, witnessing many other slaughters, frequently of the beastmen he was traveling with along with desperate battles and beastmen oppression.
After 11 years of wandering he ran into one of his friends who saw what happened that night as they were going through the portal: a series of explosions rocked the ship and the mage that was holding the portal open died as a spear exploded through his chest, destabilizing the portal and causing them to scatter. The friend also informed him that another one of their friends had died.
The two of them journeyed together for a couple of years until they ran into a hobgoblin ambush in which the friend was mortally wounded and used his last strength to defend Ignis as he fled upon his friend’s command.
Ignis is currently the Navigator upon the Righteous Thunder under captain Dan Delthrax.
He dreams of creating a country where all beastmen can live in peace, without fear of oppression, and slowly seeks to find ways for this dream to become a reality.
Thanks to rediscovering Sparknail and trading a fellow adventurer for Pyrus, Ignis succeeded in reuniting the shattered beastmen into a collective nation through calling a grand meeting and delivering a passionate speech while brandishing artifacts forged by Romalkin the Fire Lion, progenitor of the beastmen.
Negotiations with the Ettin King meant that, in exchange for military assistance and an alliance, the beastmen would be able to reclaim their lost lands as soon as the Ettin King’s armies managed to reconquer the lands owned by the Maquin, where the giants were born.
Upon the creation of the nation and the determination of its proceedings, Ignis set into place a system of government where each tribe had a leader who represented them at a general council. He took no personal power, no vote that let him control them, he would instead persuade the council to take his side. He never remained anywhere longer than he needed to be, always journeying, fighting for what was right and fighting anything that threatened his people, for whether it was official or not, he was their leader. In deference to demand from the people he eventually chose the moniker “Ignis the Fire Lord” in reference to the ruling caste of his own dead tribe the Lupercalia.

Ignis has a particular hatred of Hobgoblins and is distrusting of any non-beast (he can still form friendships with non-beasts, but it is much harder)
He is reserved, but fierce when protecting what is important to him
He is curious, particularly about those things which are important to him
He is violent due to his experiences and tribal tendencies but he was also one of the most gifted students produced by his tribe.
He is pained by injury to beasts and has studied healing to help end beast suffering
Due to the many years he has spent wandering, and living on the seas, he has become a skilled navigator
He believes in tribal tradition (not religion) and especially the tribe’s attachment to fire

Ignis’ Relationships with the crew
Ignis respects the captain, although his manner and attitude towards women and especially Nadeshka, strikes him as odd. He finds him to be an impressive fighter and respects him as a man, despite the odd behaviour.

Ignis finds the scholar to be almost as much of a character as the captain, and sometimes wonders why they bring him along, until his intellect and moderate diplomatic abilities remind him. For this, if nothing else, he respects the swordsman, though he finds some of his other behaviour mildly irritating.

Ignis quite enjoys the minotaur’s company, they see eye to eye on many issues and work well as a team. He is a symbol of control and moral authority to Ignis, which only makes him fonder of the minotaur.

Ignis respects Nadeshka’s talents as a fighter and a naturalist. He feels a connection with her over their shared loss of family and her beastmen heritage. He is very probably in love with her, though he does not want to admit as much to her because he is fearful that something similar to what happened with his tribe could happen to the crew and Nadeshka.

Ignis the Fire Lord

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