An Ebele Artificer with an old torch for a certian fox girl


Appearance (Human Form)
Head/Face shape – Angular but more square jawed with thin lips and long canines. High cheekbones and a flatter nose.
Skin color – Dark, with a few lighter patches on his joints.
Eyes – Round and deep-set with bright gold irises and cat slit pupils. Light reflective irises
Hair – Long, sandy blond with brown highlights that is sleek and shiny.
Body shape – 6 foot four with wide shoulders and powerful legs, his musculature is light and sleek like a cat.
Clothes – Dark brown leather armor with rough cut tribal insignias across the front. He wears a cornflower blue sash (torn from Nadeshka’s favorite dress) around his waist and cream colored pants with heavy leather boots. He wears dark leather gauntlets and a dark leather sheath for his great sword is kept at his back. He also wears a locket with a bit of her hair, in hopes of resurrecting her (more on that later)

Appearance (beast form)
head/face shape – His face elongates into a feline shape with long fangs.
Fur – is tan with black-brown spots
Body type – Becomes bigger, more muscular with the arms elongating and the waist pinching inward. He sprouts a long, prehensile tail as well.



Gerrah is an old friend of Nadeshka’s, and they’ve known each other since childhood. The son of his clan’s leader, he was trained in the Artificer’s art from a young age and can shape many things to his whim. He is the one who created the totem locket Nadeshka wears around her neck, filling it with secret compartments.

When he was seventeen, he began to court Nadeshka in hopes of marrying her, but their plans were ruined by the news of the destruction of the Marjani clan. He has believed Nadeshka to be dead for years, hence why he still wears a locket with a bit of her hair within. He has been studying to try and resurrect her. Obviously it has never occurred to him to find a spell to trace her, yet.

Gerrah is highly intelligent (if absent minded) and quick, with an expansive arcane knowledge and ability to adapt to any situation. He is a bit clumsy though and gets shy around people he feels strongly for, but can be charming when he tries hard enough. He is the jealous type though, and would often get into fights to protect Nadeshka’s honor or to scare away others who would sniff around her.

Nadeshka herself doesn’t know what happened to him because when she was looking for him, he was with the Lion-folk, convincing them to go after the Dikelede. He travels when he can now, with some vain hope that he may find a trace of Nadeshka or her family and to study resurrection rituals, though returns to his home ships often. He has also taken to slaying any Dikelede he comes across.


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