A Lupercalia medicant warrior who travelled to the far north to study medicine.


Same genre of features as Ignis, except black hair instead of light brown
Slightly less well built than Ignis, more on the slender, speedier side


Fenris was training to be a mage among the Lupercalia, in the meantime, he may have continued his studies, or picked up a different set of skills.
Lupercalia mages focus intensely on damaging fire magic, but recognize the need for healing magic at the same time. Their main duties in a fight are a mix of blasting the enemy with fire and healing their compatriots.
In his journey, Fenris was assaulted by a band of four hobgoblins, one of whom had a Blood Fury Handaxe, recognizing it for what it was, Fenris immediately defeated the four and retrieved the Handaxe.
In his travels, Fenris has become reserved and also quite wise. He spent a number of years studying with human mages and the wizard’s from the Giant’s kingdom.


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