Eva Golau

a 19 year old half Dark Elf with an incredible singing voice and snarky attitude.

On the run from her home in the City of Glass, Eva has escaped from her Dark Elf mother, Aldyth. With a free spirit, cunning wit, and impressive vocals which she has learned to defend herself against any impending threat, Eva is currently searching for her human father,Deallus. When Deallus learned of Aldyth’s plans to corrupt their daughter, he left her an amulet of Health (its sky blue stone glows with a pulsing light, and helps enhance her will and defenses during any confrontration) and took off. Cowardly, but he promised Eva he would come back for her. After 13 months and no return, Eva vowed to find her father, and come back with help to stop her mother’s corruptive plans. With as much armor as one could find in the dark of night and having never battled porperly or seriously before, Eva left the City of Glass without another word. After a few days of traveling aimlessly in the country, she ran into a creature named Fenris. Telling him her story, and not knowing where to start on her journey, Fenris gave her a package and a white eyed crow, which she named Canllaw. This is her companion, best friend, and is never seen without her unless she is in danger and needs serious help. Hearing that there was a festival in the City of Glass and hoping her father was back (as many other cities were planning on coming to join in the festivities), Eva returned to the City of Glass under a pseudonym of Rhadika. With Canllaw searching through the city so she wouldn’t be seen, Eva lived in absolute solitude for the duration of the festival, no one knowing that she had returned home. On the final morning of the festival, however, a loud ruckess nearby causes her to come out of her small flat. She comes face to face with a strange group of characters, one of whom she recognizes as her friend from school, Taigus (the jedi who went to college…or rather drank and slept in the library through college). The two greet each other happily, and she tells them a shortened version of her story (not ready to trust this clan with the full version yet). After some strong convincing from Taigus (and her incredibly high charisma/healing powers which the captain, Delthrax claimed to be much needed), Eva was accepted into the group. Apart from her quest to find her father, Eva is part of this new group for as long as she is needed.

Physical Traits:
-5’2’’, 105lbs. Very petite, long limbs and torso.
-heart shaped face, slightly pointed ears, skin is a dark cream color with freckles on her nose and cheeks. Dark green eyes, deep red lips and long chestnut hair in a braid to the small of her back that looks more red in the sunlight.
-headband across forehead of leather with red string braided into material, matches deep leather armor and light chainmail, dark worn boots up to her thighs and a tunic of dark gray cloth. A black leather belt holds her sword, which reverberates her voice whenever it is used as an attack. An bright blue amulet hangs prominently on her neck, hitting the center of her chest. She never removes this from her person.
-A white eyed crow, Canllaw, is always by Eva’s side, either sitting on her shoulder or flying besides her. This bird is her ultimate companion and never leaves her unless she is in serious danger.

Personality Traits:
-Eva is on the run, so naturally she is a little paranoid and not very trusting of people she immediately runs into. She does, however, remain loyal to those she becomes allies with.
-Witty, Snarky, and often a bit argumentative, she is one who thinks before she acts and always finds a reason to think that her ideas are better than everyone else’s. However, she always ends up doubting herself when put in charge.
-Eva is extremely curious; she has a desire to learn and explore the environment around her, even if they are reckless or not the smartest of situations. She loves to read and try new things.
-Being a “bard of all trades”, Eva is extremely clever and has a knack for pretty much everything. More than anything Eva uses her healing capabilities, snarky comments for verbal attacks, and badass singing voice (which her sword reverberates, as mentioned before).

Eva Golau

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