Elias Mendele (Bloodbane)

The one who works behind the curtain.


LpElias Mendele is a thickset man of average height with slate grey skin. He has thick, unclean white hair hanging down beyond his shoulders and tied back in a loose pony-tail. He has a scar across his lips, thick eyebrows and sunken dark orange eyes. A once handsome face has been carved by age and darkness into a harsh and pointed countenance, each feature a reminder from a black deed done in years past. His nose has been broken several times. Despite these dangerous features, his wrinkles show that he has recently begun to laugh again. He wears an open high collared longcoat, hanging down to the middle of his thigh and brown with red scrolling in the design of snake-like creatures. Black leather armor is underneath the jacket. The armor is segmented with chain-mail covering the vital areas. His pants are loose and dark colored, tucked into soft black boots. Over his clothes he wears a tattered and simple brown cape that hangs from two leather shoulder-plates. Underneath his longcoat are many varieties of weapons ranging from a khopesh to a dagger. He holds his palm out, a blade of dull silver coming from thin, ornate leather gloves. He stands comfortably and at the ready, his stance wide and reactionary.


How can I help, my friend?
Any fool can commit murder. It takes true artistry to commit natural death.
Everything I ever wanted… and I don’t feel a thing.

Elias Mendele (Bloodbane)

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