Daniel Delthrax

Son of Damian Delthrax, captain of the pirate ship Righteous Thunder, trained in the Stonefist Monk Fighting Style


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 185 lbs.

Build: Lanky, but muscular and toned. He always stands tall, like a super hero pose.

Hair color: Darkish brown

His hair is straight, somewhat short, slightly long in front and back, with the bangs long
enough to reach down to his eyes, but it is very clear that he maintains it meticulously, as if he purposefully makes it look windswept. It’s shiny and silken.

Skin color: Very slightly tanned. Prince of Persia-esque.

Facial structure: Smooth, but with clearly defined bone structure. His chin isn’t large, but it is a strong jaw. He smiles a Captain Kirk smile, with a bit more cockiness to it. Defined, expressive, but not overly thick eyebrows.

Eye color: Blue. The shape is sharp like a hawk’s. They’re more wide-eyed when he’s just dicking around being adventurous.


Deep blue tunic with a dark brown vest over it. The top of the collar has ties, like the
buttons on a polo shirt, but Dan leaves them only loosely tied. Underneath is a white undershirt,
which can be seen below and at the collar of the tunic. Thin, white tendril-like designs start from
the ribcage and extend outward, eventually meshing with the blue around his lower flanks.

He wears brown, fingerless gloves that cover most of his forearms, almost like gauntlets. On the back of the hand of each glove is a circle that
holds the crest of Delthrax: a thorn vine-wrapped fist with a crown over it. The circle and crest
are brushed-metal gray.

The vest over the tunic has the crest of Delthrax stitched into the back around the

Slacks that go down to his ankles and black, buckled shoes. The slacks aren’t too tight,
but not too baggy, either. Just maneuverable enough for him to jump around. They’ve
got pockets like jeans.

A wide, black belt with a large, gold buckle with two concentric circles and “DD”
ornately inscribed upon it.

A plain silver ring on his right middle finger. Its only specialness is a double-helix
pattern around the ring.

Clubs are black, with clearly defined handles and striking areas.


“How do you describe Daniel Delthrax? Strong, quick-witted, and brave captain? An inspiration to all he meets? The captain of the best damn crew in the world? Women want him, men want to be him? How about ‘All of the above, and also he has great hair’?”
-Taken from the as of yet unpublished novel Captain Badass: The Legend of Daniel Delthrax, also known as Dan’s diary.

Personal History

“The boy’s been through a lot. He’s still an idiot.”
- Damian Augustus Delthrax

Dan, full name Daniel Nathaniel Delthrax, was born to Sonya Oberon Delthrax (née Skystrike, deceased) of the Skystrike Mages and Damian Augustus Delthrax, first mate of the Pirate Armada and current head of the Delthrax Clan. His middle name, Nathaniel, was his maternal grandfather’s first name. He normally chooses not to reveal it.

Dan was a rather competent child, capable of learning new skills quickly. When Dan was 9, Damian sent Dan to his close friend and old adventuring companion, Vargus Wanderhoof, to train alongside Vargus’ son, Vargus Ironheart in Fei Dao. Dan and Vargus initially despised each other: Vargus thought Dan was an arrogant fool, while Dan thought Vargus a stick in the mud.

Soon after arriving in Fei Dao, it became apparent that because the residents of Fei Dao were mainly larger species, it would be difficult for a human child like Dan to adapt to their fighting style. However, thanks to training from Ken the Keen, Dan picked up the Stone Fist Konbou-Ryu fighting style and began to hold his own in his official training sessions. Dan would continue to hone his skills throughout his life.

When Dan was 10, Sonya became deeply ill and could only be cured by a rare herb. Damian sent out a group, including the young Vargus and Dan, to retrieve it. After overcoming several dangers and traps, the group successfully obtained the herb. However, on the return trip, a rockslide killed the entire group except Dan, who was nimble enough to avoid the worst of it, and Vargus, whose legs were horribly injured. Despite Vargus’ pleads that Dan return to his mother and leave Vargus in his vulnerable state, Dan displayed unprecedented compassion for Vargus, tending to his wounds and helping him back home. Once Vargus was safe, Dan rushed to his mother only to find out that he was too late: Sonya had passed away moments earlier.

Dan spent the next year in a deep depression. Damian, distraught at his wife’s death, turned cold to Dan. During this time, Vargus attempted to befriend Dan. They soon became close friends and by the following year, Dan had returned to his cheerful, confident self… with a twist. He now appeared less competent and more oblivious, to the point of being considered a dolt by those around him.

The Last Flight of the Heaven’s Pride
Living his life carefree and without regard to consequence, Dan became a disappointment in his father’s eyes. When Dan turned 20, his father attempted to rein him in by giving him legitimate responsibility in the form of captaining his personal ship, the Heaven’s Pride. During his captaincy, Dan was assigned to provide reinforcement to a battle between a small section of the Pirate Armada and the Sons of Maquin. On the way to the battle, however, Dan noticed Nadeshka Marjani floating amongst the wreckage of what was once the Marjani Clan Fleet. Despite the urgency of his mission, Dan could not in good conscience abandon the girl and instead rescued her, costing him valuable time. When Heaven’s Pride arrived at the battle, the ships had already been nearly annihilated. Dan attempted to flee, but the Heaven’s Pride was destroyed and ten crew members died. Dan left the still unconscious Nadeshka in the care of the Pirate Armada. Damian, at the end of his rope, decided that Dan must leave the Delthrax home. Giving Dan the Righteous Thunder, some supplies and asking Vargus to watch over him, Damian told Dan not show his face until he had gained the spirit of a hero.

The Search for the Crown and the Hand
Discovering a poem in the Delthrax Clan Chronicles, Dan set out to find the Crown of Del Vida and the Hand of Thrax, thinking that acquiring them would impress his father. After many trials and tribulations, Dan won the Hand of Thrax as a prize from the Arena in the Festival of the White Phoenix and discovered the location of the Crown of Del Vida: an auction in the Abyss held by the Church of Deals.

Soon after, Dan went to visit his father, whom he’d heard had been injured, aboard the White Tyrant among the rest of the Pirate Armada and showed him the Hand. For the first time in years, Damian was impressed with his son and praised him on his accomplishment. However, as they spoke, the armada was attacked by the forces of the Scarab King.

Reluctantly teaming up with Maria, Dan and his crew managed to destroy a portion of the fleet and chose to save the town of Brasswood, which had been overrun by the Scarab King’s undead forces, instead of returning to help the Pirate Armada, believing that saving helpless innocents would be the right choice. But as Dan, his crew, the surviving citizens of Brasswood and Maria returned to the Pale Tyrant, they discovered that most of the Armada had been decimated. Furthermore, everyone aboard the Pale Tyrant had been slaughtered and Damian had been turned into a Death Knight of the Scarab King. Turning to Dan, he uttered merely two words: “Son. Run.”

Taking Back Damian’s Soul
Dan fled from the Pale Tyrant, vowing to revive his father. After a brief discussion with Maria, the two decided that Dan would be the leader of Clan Delthrax, while Maria would become the leader of the new Pirate Armada and would go about recruiting new members.

Dan immediately set off to the abyssal auction. With some help from Bastrael, the crew of the Righteous Thunder was able to retrieve the Crown of Del Vida, along with several other treasures including Bastrael’s True Name.

It would be over a year until Dan met Damian again. During the Scarab King’s siege of Jaff, the crew battled Damian and his undead legion and were able to defeat them, allowing Dan to use his family’s artifacts to remove his father’s soul from the Scarab King’s control. After the crew narrowly rescued Bastrael, Nadeshka was able to resurrect Damian, who at long last showed pride for his son.

The Fate of the Righteous Thunder
After recovering, Damian was given the position of Admiral of the new Pirate Armada. Though Maria remained as first mate, Damian declared that when the time came, he would be happy to leave his son as his successor. Daniel, who had forgotten his quest to earn his father’s respect with his quest to resurrect Damian, was both pleased and surprised.

Some time passed. The main crew knew that they could not stay together forever and decided to have one last meal at Haboob’s before parting ways. Ignis left to take up his position as leader of the Beastmen union. Taigus turned to the Archaeologist Wheel, gaining a position of political power. After deciding with Damian that Dan could now take care of himself, Vargus formed the Wanderhoofs, based in the new Beastman nation. Nadeshka returned to tend to her family. (At least for some time; it is said she later returned to the Righteous Thunder.) Given the many allegiances the Righteous Thunder had gained over the course of its travels, Dan was appointed as ambassador to any organization or people that would form a pact with the new Pirate Armada. With that, Dan immediately formed strong allegiances with the new Beastman nation and the Wanderhoofs, reached out to the Archaeologist wheel via Taigus, and sought stronger ties to those he had helped before, such as the various Elf cities and Fei Dao.

With Jimmy, Nicky, and the rest of the remaining Crew, Dan set sail towards new adventure…

Family Relations
“Do you know who my father is?!”
-Daniel Delthrax

Growing up, Dan was a much loved child. Sonya was affectionate, but not overly doting. Damian always treated Dan fairly but sternly, praising him greatly when he did well and gently chastising him when he erred.

However, after his mother’s death, Dan and his father’s relationship deteriorated heavily. Damian, who is charismatic and inspiring to his own men, is rather harsh on Dan. While it is true that Dan often deserves it, Damian is almost relentless in his cynicism towards his son. Dan desperately seeks to impress his father, to prove Damian was wrong all these years and to do right by the late Sonya.

Dan has minor relationships with the other Delthrax clan members. Notably, he has a rather antagonistic relationship with his cousin, Maria Delthrax, who is two years his elder. Maria, daughter of Damian’s brother Samuel Delthrax, always made herself out to be superior to Dan, especially in front of Damian, who would say, “She is the child I always wanted.” Dan, thus, grew resentful of his cousin. It does not help that whenever Maria and Vargus are around each other, Maria shamelessly flirts with Vargus.

Dan has an especially strong relationship with his maternal grandfather, Nathaniel Skystrike.

Dan’s relationship with his crew
“[Sigh] Dammit, Dan!”
-Vargus Ironheart
“Mister Delthrax, please don’t get yourself hurt… again…”
-Nadeshka Marjani
“Captain, I don’t think this is a good idea.”
“[Flips Dan off]”
-Taigus Gladwell

Despite their frustrations at his antics, Dan generally has a good relationship with his crew.

Vargus: He’s been Dan’s best friend since childhood. Dan knows he can always depend on Vargus and trusts his every word. Vargus and Dan’s friendship has only strengthened throughout their adventures and Vargus recognizes how Dan has matured.

Nadeshka: Dan admires her very much. She’s strong, she’s kind, and she blows things up all the time, kind of like Dan’s mother. At the Iron Masquerade, Dan revealed to Nadeshka that he was her savior on the last flight of the Heaven’s Pride and that he is in love with her. Nadeshka, much to Dan’s surprise, returned his affections.

Ignis: At first somewhat wary of the Beastman, Dan has come to recognize Ignis’ strength and nobility.

Taigus: They seem to have an odd psychic connection; Dan can sense when Taigus is being nerdy and Taigus can sense when Dan calls him a nerd and reflexively flips him off, regardless of whether or not Dan is actually nearby.

Fighting Style
“Access your body’s natural energy. Harness it as a crashing tempest. Gird your fists with its stone-like power. Unleash it upon your foes as the snow in an avalanche. Whoop some ass.”
-Ken the Keen

Trained from age 9 by Ken the Keen, Dan is a master of the Stone Fist discipline, specializing in the club-based Konbou-Ryu (often nicknamed the Crashing Tempest style). Ken taught Dan to focus his ki on an object that he carries on his person. In Dan’s case, it is the ring on his right middle finger. When focusing his ki, the double helix engravings on the ring shine a bright blue. Dan has many techniques in this style:

Stone Fist Flurry of Blows: Dan’s signature strike. After striking a foe, Dan uses the remainder of his ki to deliver an almost instantaneous strike to any enemy within range. If he pushes himself, every so often he can deal another strike immediately after.

Fallen Needle: Channeling his ki into his clubs, Dan nimbly slips through his opponent’s guard, delivers a single, powerful blow to an opponent’s weak point and darts back as they recoil from the blow. As they recover, the enemy has a hard time hitting Dan for a few moments.

Crane’s Wings: Dan focuses his ki on his feet and leaps high into the air. Landing on one foot beside the enemy, Dan uses the momentum of the leap to deliver a powerful kick that sends the enemy hurtling backwards.

Steel Wind: Spreading his ki throughout his body, Dan zooms across the battlefield, removing any marks an enemy might have placed on him, and blasts a Dan-shaped wall of energy at those in his way.

Awaken the Slumbering Hurt: When the enemy is already heavily injured, Dan channels his ki into the fresh wounds of his target, amplifying the damage, and leaves them gushing blood, causing them to take extra damage from a subsequent hit. The loss of blood impairs the enemy from catching Dan as he rushes by them.

Resounding Strike: Dan floods his clubs’ handles with ki, allowing him to cross them extremely fast across the enemy’s body, resulting in a thunderous clap that crashes upon the enemy multiple times. Dan uses the shockwave to boost his speed momentarily.

Supreme Avalanche Combination: One of Dan’s desperation moves. Dan pushes his ki past its limits to barrage the enemy with countless strikes in extremely localized areas, creating targets of great vulnerability. The sheer number of blows is so great that Dan deals a hefty amount of damage even if the enemy escapes most of them and it staggers the enemy so much that Dan can grip their weakened areas and slide the enemy around easily.

Lashing Rain: Dan’s other desperation move. Dan allows his ki to overtake his body, concentrating on maintaining it to the point that even his movement is slowed. In exchange, however, he unleashes a barrage of blows so plentiful and engulfing that it appears as if the rain itself is assaulting his foe. Furthermore, after the initial barrage, Dan is locked in a stance where if an enemy enters his reach, his body unconsciously lashes out with a small but impossibly fast blow invisible to most all enemies.

Dan carries a sling for reaching far away enemies, though he is not very skilled with it.

The crazy shit that’s happened to Dan
“When was the last time you were shaken awake by a pair of big, hairy paws?”
“My sixteenth birthday.”
-Ignis and Dan

Beaten with a hobgoblin penis by the owner of said penis. Thanks to this, Dan now has a deep phobia of hobgoblin male genitalia. – Age 12

Middle finger was bitten off by a Half-Orc. Middle finger was retrieved from Half-Orc entrails and reattached. – Age 14

Taken to a brothel where the prostitutes were all longtooth shifters. Dan did not know this and fainted dead away when they shifted during a rather unfortunately timed moment. – Age 16

Father was murdered and resurrected as a Death Knight by the Scarab King. – Age 25

Daniel Delthrax

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