Damian Delthrax

First Mate of the Pirate Armada, current head of the Delthrax Clan, father of Daniel Delthrax


Visually, Damian resembles his son greatly, except for a few details. Whereas Dan’s face is pristine and clean-shaven, Damian’s is adorned with a few scars and a dignified goatee. Furthermore, his eyes are black, whereas Dan’s are blue. Damian stands tall at 6’2, but his armor makes him a bit taller and his overall presence makes him seem enormous. He wears heavy, mostly dark gray armor from the neck down. Little light gray, twisting tendril-like designs run throughout the armor. He also wears a long, red cape that seems to billow impressively even when there’s no wind. On the back of the cape, lined in black, is the Delthrax Insignia.

Damian is now a Death-Knight. His skin gaining a ghostly pallor and constantly exuding a spectral mist. His eyes gleam with necrotic energy and his strength has increased substantially.


“I honestly don’t know what to do with the boy.”
-Damian Delthrax

Damian, father of Daniel Delthrax, is not kind to his son. While his frustration is understandable, his temper can sometimes get the best of him and he tends to say overly harsh things.

Damian and the other Delthrax clan members are rather famous (or infamous) around the world and even other planes of existence. The Church of Deals has expressed interest in acquiring a sample of blood from a Delthrax within Damian’s nuclear family.

Damian wields the Flying Fang, a two-handed sword large enough that it might be mistaken for an oddly-shaped staff when sheathed with a special design: the guard of the sword is designed to resemble the Delthrax insignia: a steel fist covered in thorny vines beneath a crown, which supports the blade. The Fang is a legacy weapon of the Delthrax clan, given to the master swordsmen of the clan who have proven themselves worthy. A very old weapon, the Fang is nearly unbreakable. It has a special enchantment: for most people, the Fang feels like it is extremely heavy, making it unusable for most species, though presumably those with greatly augmented strength could manage. For those recognized by the Delthrax clan, the sword feels as light as a dagger, giving it incredibly fast swing speed, which is where the name is derived. Because of this, it has a slight learning curve for new users. The enchantment works even on foes as they are struck so that if they cannot be cut, simply crushing may prove effective.

Though not a swordsman, Daniel has been allowed to hold the sword for brief moments of time. Damian’s niece Maria wishes to inherit this sword.

Damian is very close to the minotaur Vargus Wanderhoof, his old adventuring partner.

Apparently, Damian has a beautiful singing voice and often sings karaoke with Haboob, which astonishes Dan.

Damian Delthrax

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