Daiyu and Qiu

A Young Run-Away Dikelede Mother Trying to Make a Living and her Half-Breed Daughter



Age: 32
Height: 5"6
Weight: 125 lbs

Face/Head shape: Heart-shaped face with a thin chin and larger nose. Her jaw line is very, very fine. Large, pointed ears and her lips are strangely proportioned. Her upper lip is much thinner than her lower one.
Skin color: Deeply tanned with the palms of her hands and feet being many shades lighter
Eyes: Large and almond shaped with watery-blue eyes and large pupils. They reflect light in the dark.
Hair: Straight black hair that is kept neat and up in a bun at the back of her head. It reaches to her shoulders when loose.
Body type: Thin and long with well curved hips and fingers that seem a bit too long for her hands.
Clothes: Normally wears a dark purple and gold silk dress as a symbol of her schools of magic. She also keeps her hair tied with a cornflower blue tie and has a dark red ring worn on her index finger. She also carries a hidden dagger in her boot.
Markings: the thin flap of skin that connects her hip to her elbow.

Age: 4
Height: 3"5
Weight: 60 lbs

Face/Head shape: Also heart-shaped but with an angular jaw and broader nose. Her ears are not quite as pointed and her lips are dark like the muzzle of a dog.
Skin color: More of a mocha color with little freckles over her shoulders. The skin of her hands and feet is two shades darker than the rest of her
Eyes: The same large almond shape as her mother but with silver irises and snake-slit pupils. They also reflect light.
Hair: Is straight and neat but has more of a dark silvery color to it. It has a habit of getting tangled in things as it falls well below her lower back.
Body type: long legs and arms that are built for running, but fingers that seem far too long. Her shoulders are a bit wider and she is built for speed above all else.
Clothing: wears a white tunic style shirt with cornflower blue pants and rarely wears shoes. She also wears a red ankle bracelet with an enchanted fox-tail shaped jade charm.
Markings: nothing noticeable


“Mother…I feel something funny. It feels like family.”
“It is nothing child, just your imagination.”
Qui to her Mother during the Festival of the White Phoenix in the City of Glass.

They are current residents of the City of Glass. Daiyu has been trying to get a job at Haboob’s, but they don’t seem to want her.

Daiyu herself is very private and very quiet, doing her best to be as polite as possible but she has been known to blow up store front or two when she feels as though she has been treated inappropriately. Qiu seems blissfully unaware of their situation, as would be expected of a four-year-old.

Daiyu and Qiu

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